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WK4_Training Need Paper - Essay Example

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The advent of globalization has facilitated organization with numerous opportunities to expand and sustain business operations profitably. …
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WK4_Training Need Paper
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Download file to see previous pages In order to attain increased competitiveness and larger customer base many organization has formulated and implemented various strategies and policies. In this course, many organizations are involved in enhancing the skills and capabilities of employees as a tool for enhancing the performance of the organization. Such initiatives of the organizations have facilitated a need for effective training and development activities. Accordingly, training and development is the process of making the employees familiar with the various changes in the work procedure for ensuring increased competency towards performing the organizational tasks efficiently and effectively. The concept of training plays a vital role in an organization life cycle as it not only helps them to maintain lead but also helps them in innovating new products that may contribute to the organization goal (Armstrong, 2012). The primary purpose of this paper is to identify training need within the selected organization i.e. Apple Incorporation and explore the role of Human Resource (HR) in analysis, design, development implementation and evaluation of a training program to meet the identified training need. Training Need Assessment Apple Inc. is considered to be one of the leading innovative companies across the world. The company is widely known for its distinctive and unique products and services offered to its customers spread worldwide. The rapid development in science and technology has facilitated the company as one of the most advanced and most admired companies across the globe. Nonetheless, the company has been encountered with lots of challenges due to the emergence of new and upcoming competitors in the market. It has been often argued that employees are the most important assets of any organization. Furthermore, employees who are not provided with efficient training and development programs often finds difficulties in performing their tasks efficiently and competently. Additionally, the continuous advancement in technology and increasing competition has widely generated the need for skilled employees to respond the market demands effectively. In this context, Apple Inc. to sustain its business profitably in current and future business environment, it is essential for the corporation to design and implement effective training and development programs. At the same time, effective training and development activities is necessary for attracting new talents and retaining employees within the organization. Moreover, training and development activities are crucially important for the organization to seek constant innovation and transformation of the business according to the changing requirement of the market. Nonetheless, it can be argued that training and development is essential for the organization at all the levels of the management. The effective training and development programs facilitate in the creation of effective leaders who will be responsible for framing strategies that would facilitate the organization with increased benefit in the form of increased profitability and market share. Therefore, it can be stated proper training needs are required in the organization to enhance the capability of its employees as well as the organizational performance (Apple Inc., 2013). Role of HR in the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Training Program to Meet the Requirement in the Production Process of the Company HR managers are considered as a vital part of any organization as they are the only bridge that helps in maintaining a proper relation between the employees and the top level management. Correspondingly, HR managers are also widely responsible for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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