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Importance of the Safety and Risk Management in Aviation World - Research Paper Example

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The present research paper "Importance of the Safety and Risk Management in Aviation World" focuses on the effective safety and risk management activities by airline companies. In that, it first tries to define the safety management systems and operational risk management systems…
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Importance of the Safety and Risk Management in Aviation World
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Extract of sample "Importance of the Safety and Risk Management in Aviation World"

Download file to see previous pages Importance of increasing staff training standards to reduce repetition of faults is emphasized which in turn help in gaining customer satisfaction.  
      The aviation industry is showing a serious trend towards the frequent occurrence of fatal accidents. In order to avoid such a climax, it is highly essential to view the hazards and trends of safe practices in the current aviation industry. Accident prevention programs are gaining due importance in airline industries owing to the stated cause. A conference on aviation safety held in 1995 in the United States of America stated about diminishing the accident rate to zero. Thus, a growing expectation of the government and airline officials to increase the standards of safety to meet the zero accident rates becomes obvious. In regards to the above context, an estimate on the current accident rate reveals that it has come down to be a single one for every million flights. Due importance needs to be given to the safety paradigm of the aviation industry with effective training programs enhancing the culture of safe practices in the aviation industry. In spite of taking a move towards the promotion of a zero accident climate in the aviation industry, there are situations where the callous mindedness of the aviation officials becomes evident. Repeatedly accidents in the air are caused owing to the same reasons for which it had occurred in the past. The occurrences of air accidents are observed on a passive note, which does not trigger a change in the unsafe practices of the airline staff. Effective training on safe flying practices and role management of airline staff needs to be closely observed for avoiding such incidents. (Calvano, 2003, pp. 2-3). In regards to the growing complexity and uniqueness in the aviation industry, an observation made suggests that ground level needs are not properly escalated to the higher management. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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