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Project Manangement The Reluctant Worker - Case Study Example

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A REPORT ON THE CASE STUDY: THE RELUCTANT WORKERS Date Report Based On the Case Study: The Reluctant Worker Generally, skills are very essential when it comes to work especially when dealing with diverse workforce. The presence of skilful leaders and personnel as well as workers really matters as this determines the productivity of the workers and the organization…
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Project Manangement The Reluctant Worker
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, these skills promote understanding among individuals at workplace and enable them sustain good relationships and this in turn benefits the organization. This paper represents a report based on the case study of the reluctant worker focusing particularly on key professional skills that influence the growth and development of an organization. Actually, there are core skills that are at play in the case of the reluctant workers. Basically, all professionals are required or encouraged to possess a broad range of skills but most importantly, is the ability to communicate effectively with others and be able to express their views freely. For instance, three key skills that apply or are insufficient here are lack of team building, Leadership skills as exhibited by the project manager, and planning. To start with, there is lack of team building among workers and their team leader in this organization. Ideally, team building refers to the ability to form productive groups and conform to the rules set and cooperate with others with the aim of achieving a common goal. Arguably, team building at workplace enhances goal achievement, efficiency in working process and satisfies the workers (“Ferguson Publishers”, 2009). ...
Team building therefore plays a significant role in motivating the workers hence, organization tasks progress more efficiently and effectively. Secondly, appropriate leadership skills are very essential in ensuring that the management operate in the required manner, workers are motivated to work accordingly with increased efforts thereby increasing productivity of the organization. According to Adair, leadership is regarded as the most important composition of management (Adair, 2013). A leader has to understand others and cooperate with them appropriately (“Ferguson Publishers”, 2009). Ideally, leadership involves accountability, transparency and understanding. Generally, good leaders act as a role model in the organization and always concentrate on upholding the name or reputation of the organization. They should be able to understand themselves and other people as well. More so, the best leader ensures completion of tasks, roles and responsibilities both assigned to them and their subordinates (“Ferguson Publishers”, 2009). They are expected to exercise self development and self management in the light of leadership knowledge and skills. Based on the case study of the reluctant workers, the project manager, Tim Aston to a larger extent did not exhaust and practiced the recommended leadership skills required in his position. Aston failed to clearly define the sequence of activities, create appropriate time for the juniors to be able to attend the meetings, and motivating the workers maybe through teambuilding process. Aston did not actually communicate effectively to the workers and this we can assume that he lacked good communication skills to be able to convince the workers and understand their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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