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Analyse the change process at the Lady Magazine from the period prior to the appointment of Rachel Johnson as Editor to the pres - Essay Example

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Introduction In this research regarding managing the change process, the main role is played by the creative author and journalist sister of Boris, Rachel Johnson. Ben Budworth is the owner of Lady Magazine and was executing his company for a very long time…
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Analyse the change process at the Lady Magazine from the period prior to the appointment of Rachel Johnson as Editor to the pres
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Extract of sample "Analyse the change process at the Lady Magazine from the period prior to the appointment of Rachel Johnson as Editor to the pres"

Download file to see previous pages SITUATION ANALYSIS In this advance and emerged era of globalization, The Lady Magazine was not enhancing its contents creatively that can hold the attention of the readers. It was continuously losing its market share for two decades and was standing on the dying market position with only a circulation of average 31,000 readerships with a segment of age group of 70 and above customers. The magazine never has changed its concept of designing the magazine and it had not made such innovative improvements that can lead them to the scale of prosperity. Ben is now the head of the five member’s board which is consists of five family members. Ben did not have a publishing experience but he deeply realized that the lady magazine desperately needed a new concept and image. He introduced some changes when he became the head of the board, that includes adventure travel trips, full-color advertising and to consternation of some of the more seasoned staff members-a website. Nature of the change The nature of the change was reactive because it was forced by the customer market demand and with the dying market share of lady magazine so it was pressurized by continuous decrease in the market share of lady and the loss of readership. ...
She aimed to double the readership of the lady magazine with her ideas and editing skills along with the concept of a real successful woman. The level of change that has occurred at the Lady Magazine can be referred as Gamma. When an organization makes a paradigm shift, then the level of change is referred as Gamma (Burnes, 2004; By, 2005). The idea and concept has been changed and redefined in order attract higher readers, therefore such a change is being referred as Gamma. Stakeholders viewpoint When these changes occurred, it also captured the attention and interest of the present stakeholders along with attracting new investors as well, because it was a new idea of increasing the market share and generating a handsome profit with a good pace of success. So it holds the investors interest with the perspective of generating more profits with it. The investors always are attracted with new concepts and ideas that can generate handsome amount of money in a short time period (Cameron, & Green, 2012). So the new investors who were attracted by this idea have realized that with this changed idea, the lady magazine will be able to generate a handsome amount of profit for them. Besides investors, the other stakeholders of the magazine are also important (Cummings, and Worley, 2009). Other stakeholders were also excited such as distributors, employees, readers, potential readers, society, competitors, managers and other stakeholders (Martin, 2006). Therefore these changes would influence each of the stakeholders as the company plans to redefine itself (Balogun, and Hailey, 1999). Threats of competitors is always important to analyse (Daft, and Marcic, 2006) and this threat would have increased as with this new idea, the sales and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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