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Accommodation Management - Essay Example

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The hotel industry is one of the mature industries that are marked by stiff competition. The market share has kept on increasing every day at the expense of the competitors. In essence, stiff competition occurs at international level as opposed to a local arena…
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Accommodation Management
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Download file to see previous pages There are various types of hotel industries ranging from commercial, airport, conference and economy, all-suite hotels among others. Categorically, these types fall under fall broadly under luxury or budget hotels. Hotels offer diverse services to its customers depending on the type and customers to be served. Hotels offer it services both to local and international customers; most of the international customers are the tourists and travelers (Fisher, 2006). They can offer food, entertainment, education, conference space and any other needs that customers need. While the act of hiring out the space to tourists is traced back to ancient times, it has been a booming business all over the world. Hotel falls under the industry of hospitality, which has diverse but specific services all over the world. Certainly, it one of the largest employer, recruiting several persons in a puzzling array of jobs within the globe. These hotel sectors vary from prestigious five-star to the ordinary sectors especially found in public institutions. In this section, a clear comparison is given for two broad types of hotels i.e. a luxury hotel represented by The Westmead Hotel and a budgetary Hotel represented by The Britannia Country House Hotel. For better difference, range of services provided is discussed. Similarities between The Westmead Hotel and The Britannia Country House Hotel Conferences Both hotels have well established flourished room for holding meeting especially in the issue of planning. They provide unrivalled diverse and professional rooms that suit all types of meeting for both private and public conversations (Gupta, 2007). They offer an exclusive selection of the best class hotel places with equipped facilities and good customer service. The staff is well vast with experience for coordinating and organizing conference rooms in all the lodges. All these activities are aided by well trained personnel. For every conference held, customer get prestigious accommodation, catering services and leisure activities. Accommodation They offer very luxurious accommodation in all their lodges. All are sophisticatedly presented with integrated modern and traditional styles. Although may not present the diverse technological accommodation advancement, they match the desires of all the customers of different classes. All the office operations are suited for 24-hour service, private safety and parking (Gupta, 2007). Although most of the rooms are designed for ordinary living, extreme conditional living is catered for e.g. smokers. Each room has recreational cum entertainment facilities that facilitates the customers comfort. Furthermore, the entire fees should be paid in advance though it varies from one hotel to another. Children under the age of 12 are allowed to sleep with their parents at no extra cost. Between the age of 13-18, parents pay half the price for elderly. Reservations The hotels have adopted the modern technological advancement to reserve rooms. They have devised online criteria whereby esteemed customers can book for their rooms everywhere in the world. The management information system has been a great benefit. Through this system, it has facilitated smooth information flow from one department to another. The management team can then budget for the customers thus avoiding wastage of resources. Meals Food gives the name to a hotel. Both of these hotels provide a wide range of foods ranging from local to modern. They accommodate both the likes and dislikes for all the people with well trained cooks and chefs. Meals are provided at the customers’ request. Children, old and expectant mothers are treated with special attention to meet their needs. This implies that special foods ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Accommodation Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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