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Introduction In order to provide maximum support to automotive repairers as engines become ever more sophisticated is essential with the use of electronic management system. However, several problems in modern engines can result from any on the several on-board electronic systems; thus, Injectronics company realises that repairers can waste both time and money in replacing incorrect electronic component when seeking to rectify a problem which is difficult to diagnose…
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Download file to see previous pages Automotive maintenance has undergone radical changes since the introduction of electronics as well as mechatronics in vehicles. Rapid introduction of computer controls to operate engines, steering, braking, suspension and other safety and transmission or comfort functions in today’s vehicles is a huge challenge to both service processes and manufacturing technologies along with failure diagnosis requirements. Many of the modifications in automotive repairs are a result of the initiation of microcontrollers and other electronics in functions within a vehicle. These changes require the remanufacturing companies for such electronic components to improve as significant changes are continually taking place in the industry (Weiland, n.d). Before the advent of electronic controllers, definition of automotive remanufacturing was clear: meaning the renovation of used vehicle parts in accordance with the accepted state so that they can perform similar to new ones. This conventional remanufacturing may be relevant in future to mechatronics; nevertheless, the definition will be tailored for electronic controllers. ...
Currently, vehicles average 35 microprocessors in a vehicle, which are located in various several electronic modules throughout a vehicle and range from simple applications to sophisticated engine controls. The high content level highlights the importance of long-term service plan for electronic control modules. In these vehicles, the service expectations include corresponding electronic modules at least every 4-10 years’ service life with most vehicles lasting 15 years; nevertheless, other vehicles have a high service life of up to 25 years or more. Electronic modules present a difficult service challenge due to many factors such as the fact that microprocessor manufacturers and network manufacturers never have the volume requirements in the service life of a vehicle in order to maintain a production line for producing these service components (APRA global connection, 2009). Market and Competitors Most Electronic Control Module (ECM) utilise four to eight custom-produced microprocessors to deter competitors and grey marketers capable of replicating the electronic control module. Therefore, electronic components are often produced in a limited manner and usually the first components to be given as end-of-life production. Remanufacturing of electronic modules is possible through the availability of sold units removed from vehicles or cores; thus, injectronic faces the challenges of maintaining a sufficient collection system that maintains constant return of failed units to sustain the remanufacturing program. Moreover, the core is a failed unit, which has been in use within vehicles for several years; therefore, it is likely that the part is not the latest part since many revisions could have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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