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Importing Cars from Overseas to Australia - Essay Example

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BUSINESS REPORT Importing cars from an overseas country to Australia ASSUMPTIONS: I have been appointed as the logistics solutions provider for the company Logistics Services Australia. The company is not a publicly owned one but a privately one and its services range from national freight management to global freight management and metropolitan transport…
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Importing Cars from Overseas to Australia
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Extract of sample "Importing Cars from Overseas to Australia"

Download file to see previous pages It is located in Sydney and their most recent consignment is stipulated to come from US. The origin of these cars would be from Baltimore, USA and they would be transported to Australia. Other information: The consignment that needs to be taken care of is worth 50 cars and comes from a ware-house in Balti-more to Sydney in Peter Warren Automotive’s ware-house. The cars are Chevrolet Conair 1996 and weigh 4000 pounds each. LOGISTICS Solution: There are two viable methods which could be considered: Air Freight or Sea Freight We will offer insight into each of this method, what are the advantages and dies-advantages and then opt for the best method. Air Freight: Shipments to different parts of the world are not a huge ordeal today. Technology and globalization has made things a lot easier today. This was a feat which was unimaginable a few years ago. Air-freight shipping makes it easier to send merchandise between continents. It also makes it cheaper which otherwise would have been a very expensive affair. Air freight makes distribution of product to any remote location in the world easier and possible. There are various other advantages those air-freight offers with it. If we opt for this method, it would mean that the lead-time would be shorter compared to the lead time offered by ship freights. This form of shipping is a guaranteed safe transport and arrival at the destination. Quiet unlike truck freight, there is no trouble finding the local airport and the route. Another very important and valuable service that comes with air freight would be the tracking facility. The cargo can be tracked at any point in time. On the whole air freight shipping is a very lucrative method of transport. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, still air shipping is the very feasible because of the low costs and shorter lead times. Things generally don’t go wrong with air-freight shopping. However, where our consignment is concerned, shipping 50 cars through air space can turn out to be a huge ordeal and neither will the air space are able to accommodate so many cars at a go. Another option that can be considered is Sea Freight. OPTIMAL TRANSPORT MODE: Sea Freight Shipping Why Shipping? - Advantages and Disadvantages Since this is a huge consignment and needs to be dealt very carefully. The most obvious option to be considered for getting the cars to Sydney would be through Shipping. The cars would land at Sydney’s Port Kamala and from there would be taken to Peter Warren Automotives ware-houses and show rooms. The advantages of using sea transport are a plenty. Firstly ship transport gives logistics solution providers the liberty to conduct the transport in containers of different sizes. Secondly, this is the most ideal way of shipping for bulky goods like car that have longer lead times. Where the disadvantages are concerned, this mode of transport is slightly more costly. During the freight movement journey it would be difficult to keep track of the exact location of the goods in transit. Ship transport Options available: There are three different options that can be considered for shipping the cars over-seas from Baltic-more to Australia. They are as following: 1. Through RORO – Roll on and Roll Off 2. Cube Container shipping 3. Exclusive container. 1. RORO – Roll on and Roll off In RORO, there are decks of huge open hulled vessels. On ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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