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Profitability of Banks: Commonwealth Bank of Australia - Essay Example

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Banks are intermediaries of money resources, and as such; considered as the key pillars of monetary markets (Schwalbe 2006). The main fields of activity in the banking industry are divided into three lines: allocation of resources, resource mobilization and finally banking services…
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Profitability of Banks: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
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The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is based in Australia, though it has many branches across Fiji, New Zealand, United States of America, the United Kingdom and Asia (Commonwealth Bank of Australia 2014). The bank offers a wide range of financial services such as retail, funds management, business and institutional banking, insurance, superannuation, broking and investment services. According to Commonwealth Bank of Australia (2014), the bank was founded in late 1911 by the Government of Australia. Under their Retail banking services division, it offers financial services to small business and personal clients. Under their premium business services, the bank provides services mostly to Institutional Clients, as well as International markets.

Normally, in any economy, capital investment is treated as the interests or right of the owners or shareholders of an institution in the form of assets. This amount or capital is attained by cutting down the institutions debt from the total assets. In fact, one of the key reasons for the existence or presence of high ratio of banks investment is mainly to enable them to manage the risks associated with non-repayment of loan facilities by the borrowers, as banks usually employ their own investment to act as a protection or safeguard against insolvency or bad debt. For Commonwealth Bank of Australia, having adequate and sufficient investment is usually taken as one of the essential conditions for retaining a vibrant system of banking. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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