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Work-based report - Essay Example

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This is a work based report for bringing Club Nights from Criminal Records Company to the West Midlands in the UK. This is a project on which I worked as part of a team during my placement at the company. …
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Work-based report
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Download file to see previous pages This is a project on which I worked as part of a team during my placement at the company. The report outlines the working environment of Criminal Records Company, the event, its background and aims, its outcomes, and concludes with lessons learnt. 1.1 Criminal Records Company Criminal Records is an alternative music record label which was formed in 2004. Since then the label has signed a number of bands and artists in a proactive attempt to support a new music scene that has emerged in the UK in within the last five years called underground music. Since its formation, the company has been heavily involved in the promotion of bands. Criminal Records' ethos has always revolved around cultivation of talent, real talent that is organic unlike technology-induced productions. Today, the company is proud of the successes of its roster of musicians and has enjoyed the growth and widespread promotion of the music the artistes make. Some of the successes that the company has attain include collaborations in America, Japan and across Europe, selling out most of its UK tours, major TV coverage for its music videos and countless radio playlists, great reviews and inclusion of its music in TV, film and gaming sites (Criminal Records, 2013). 1.2 Work Description The work allocated to me while on placement at Criminal Records includes the following tasks; 1) Finding venues for events and managing the venue database 2) Researching and keeping up-to-date analyses of competitors 3) Analyzing and monitoring the targeted market for Company events 4) Planning for marketing activities for Company events Apart from the above tasks allocated to me and a number of other workers, I am also expected to carry out other tasks as may be allocated to me by the marketing manager in the Publicity Department, where I am designated. The tasks above are also to be carried out by a team in the department in which I am part and thus I am not working alone in accomplishing them. 1.3 The Work-based project Bringing Club Nights from Criminal Records Company to the West Midlands in the UK is a project that was conceived by the company several weeks to its realization and in which I was included from the planning phase to its implementation. The project mainly involves introduction of ‘Club Nights’ to the West Midlands area of the UK. Club Nights is a musical product from Criminal Records which is mainly based on the popular culture of ‘Clubbing’ but introduces a new aspect of different modern music mainly from unknown underground musicians with extraordinary talent. During the entire project a project team of members from different departments of the company plans, organizes and implements the project. I am a member of the event marketing team, a smaller team forming part of the whole organizing framework. This includes research and organization for publicity, advertisement and invitation of people to the event. The event itself involves a night of club music and dance in the West Midlands area in which our company’s artistes will present to the participants their new style of musical art in a number of performances running for three hours of a night. The project organization scales the whole range of arrangements for a music event from venue arrangement, music preparation, invitations to security and logistics. 1.4 Background of the Event Club Nights is one of the events organized by Criminal Records for music lovers in the larger cities in the UK, predominantly in the South East. The culture of Club Nights has been popular in London for a long time being a large city with countless traditional and contemporary forms of music being performed. However, in the past few years Criminal Records has introduced a new musical performance product targeting the new generation of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Work-Based Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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