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High Staff Turnover in Healthcare Industry - Lab Report Example

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The major purpose of this research is to identify a real life case and to solve a particular problem addressed. For this research, staff shortage issues and its effects on healthcare with specific focus on the Spartanburg Regional Medical Center will be discussed…
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High Staff Turnover in Healthcare Industry
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Download file to see previous pages This research will help to identify the intensity of the problem persisting in the industry, to examine its different aspects and to make potential recommendations to solve the problem. This research intends to obtain a clear view of the issue based on both primary and secondary sources. In short, this research is aimed to show how a real life problem can be solved using primary and secondary research methodologies. What Do I Hope to Accomplish? This research tries to address staff shortage issues in modern healthcare. Although the recent healthcare reform aims to deliver quality care and increased patient safety at affordable costs, the issue of staff shortage continues to be a potential challenge to smooth performance of the US healthcare sector. In this context, it is relevant to explore the issue more in order to develop strategic measures to deal with this problem in future. For this purpose, this research paper will discuss the significance of maintaining adequately staffed healthcare system. Short term as well as long term consequences of staff shortage issue related to the US healthcare can be identified through this research. This research would highlight the necessity of placing a particular emphasis on staffing while developing healthcare policies. The research will give specific attention to the root causes of the staff shortage issue. Such an investigation would be useful to find potential ways to eliminate staff shortage issues in the healthcare. Various studies conducted on this topic indicate that different healthcare sectors adopt different strategies to address the staff shortage issue. Hence, this paper will examine which policy or set of policies would be most effective to avoid current troubles in healthcare staffing. Hence the findings would help to attract more qualified and experienced candidates to this field. In addition, the research is framed to evaluate whether or not geographical factors can have any influence on the staff shortage issue. Finally, the paper will explore some potential practices that can identify staff shortage issue in a healthcare setting on time. Primary Research and Target Group Surveys and interviews will be the major sources used as they would increase the accuracy and reliability of data or information collected. Professional assistance will be sought to ensure the efficiency of surveys and interviews. In addition, the organization’s annual reports will be considered as primary sources because those reports clearly indicate staffing status of the firm throughout the fiscal period under consideration. The organization’s human resource management and senior management team will be the target group for this research. In addition, the research will interview departmental heads in order to clearly identify staff shortage problems in different departments. Finally, external healthcare professionals’ views and suggestions will also be collected for making this work authentic and effective enough. Potentiality of the Chosen Primary Sources For this research, the above mentioned primary sources would be highly effective. It is obvious that primary research techniques such as interviews and surveys are considered as direct methods of data collection. Through interviewing officials concerned, the interviewer can directly ask questions and record more reliable and accurate information. Furthermore, interview is one of the simplest and cost effective methods of acquiring required data/information within the minimum possible time. In addition, it is the perfect way to get complete information required for the project with less chance of misunderstanding and documentation errors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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