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The shortage of workforce in the healthcare industry has been witnessed to impose unfavorable impact upon the overall performance of various healthcare organizations. In relation to the rapid development of the global healthcare industry, it can be viewed that the healthcare institutions often face critical challenges due to increasing rate of workforce shortage…
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Employee Shortage
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Download file to see previous pages Emphasizing incessant employment growth as well as radical improvement in the current healthcare facilities that laid down by the modern institutions, the primary purpose of this research is to critically analyze the employee shortage scenario in Molina Healthcare Inc. and how the organization mitigate the issue. In this regard, the study would reflect on briefly demonstrating the background of Molina Healthcare Inc. and identifying the approaches taken by the institution to address its employee shortage issue. Additionally, the discussion of this study would also focus on highlighting the potential steps of the organization in terms of effectively addressing the workforce shortage issue. Besides, the study would further recommend certain effective measures that can certainly improve the performance of Molina in terms of mitigating the issue of employee shortage and developing their interests within the growing US healthcare industry.

Brief Overview of the Organization
Molina Healthcare Inc. is regarded as one of the renowned healthcare organization which delivers quality based healthcare facilities particularly to the financially vulnerable families and individuals within the State of California. The unbeaten efforts as well as striving consistency of rendering adequate quality based healthcare facilities eventually led the organization to attain superior competitive position as compared to other healthcare organizations....
The unbeaten efforts as well as striving consistency of rendering adequate quality based healthcare facilities eventually led the organization to attain superior competitive position as compared to other healthcare organizations. Molina had begun its journey in the US healthcare industry during the period of 1980s at Long Beach, California. The incessant contribution as well as the continuous development efforts made by the founder named Dr. C. David Molina has played a decisive part for the organization to build its strong position within the US healthcare industry. At the initiation stage, the organization was known as the “Medical Home” wherein the patients bearing no family, non-English speaking, low-income and medically uninsured groups of individuals were provided preventive care by the founder of Molina. Moreover, the founder of the organization had also played the role of a physician who used to provide benevolent healthcare facilities and likely to act as an emergency response especially for the individuals suffering from any critical ailment. After the completion of thirty years journey, Dr. J. Mario Molina, the son of Dr. C. David Molina had started to run multi-state healthcare facilities incorporating a large area within the California State. Since then Molina had witnessed to perform striving role of providing its quality based healthcare facilities across different states of the US including Utah, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Missouri, Florida and Wisconsin among others (Molina Healthcare Inc, 2013). Mission The mission statement of Molina represents a wide view of promoting effective and quality based healthcare facilities as well as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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