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Crafting and Executing Strategy - Essay Example

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Kinko Printing Company Strategic Plan Institution The Importance of a Strategic Plan for the Success of Kinko Printing Company Introduction The development of an effective and a pragmatic strategic plan has turned out to be an incredibly vital activity in contemporary corporate world…
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Crafting and Executing Strategy
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Download file to see previous pages Being an all-inclusive initiative, business strategic plan offers a platform for basic decisions essential in shaping and guiding the organization’s development and operations. A successful and effective organization plan addresses not only the organization’s actions and activities, but also it helps in the identification of determinants for its success. As defined, a business’s strategic plan is a comprehensive collection and evaluation of organization’s operations and processes used to systematically align and coordinate actions and resources with vision strategies and company’s mission over a specified planning period (Allison and Judy, 2005). The Importance of A Strategic Plan An effective strategic plan will help the Kinko printing company to reinforce its activities in order to be totally committed towards a continuous development. A strategic plan will as well allow the Kinko printing company to anticipate and adequately prepare for possible changes in the organization. A part from predicting future changes in the business, strategic plan will also offer an opportunity for Kinko printing company to evaluate and analyze its process and systems (Laycock, 2003). To facilitate success in the organization, it is essential for stakeholders to critically review the strengths and weaknesses of the organization’s systems and processes. A review of the organizational systems and processes will offer an opportunity for Kinko printing company to evaluate different process and systems in the company and make the necessary changes in the organization operations. Strategic planning will help Kinko Printing Company to identify the existing strengths in the company (Park and Dabney, 2001). Strategic planning will as well play a very essential role in helping the company to improve its decision-making processes. With an effective strategic plan in place, the Kinko printing company will be in a position to make effective day-to-day decisions that will facilitate the achievement of both long term and short-term goals of the organization. Furthermore, planning will significantly reduce stresses and confusion associated with abrupt action in solving emerging problems. Strategic plans will as well help the Kinko Printing Company in promoting effective stewardship (Barry, 2001). Through effective strategic plan, all stakeholders at Kinko Printing Company will be accountable to each other. Strategic planning will also play a very essential role in building trust among the company’s financiers. Despite helping the organization to use the available resources in a transparent and responsible manner, strategic planning will enable Kinko to promote effective stewardship. Mission Statement The Kinko Printing Company seeks to provide quality printing and other related solutions at a reasonable cost to its customers The Importance of the Mission Statement to Kinko Printing Company Mission statement will serve as reference point in explaining the purpose of the organization. Additionally, mission statement will serve as a reminder of the goals and aspirations of the company. The mission statement will also play a very essential role in informing the company’s employees and other stakeholders on the mission of the organization as well as the company’s long-term plans. A part from expounding on the long term aspirations of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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