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Managing Employee Appraisals - Research Paper Example

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Managing Employee Appraisals Management of employee performance in any organization is more than just important since it has both direct and indirect effects on the business of the organization as well as the clients. Employee appraisal is considered as one of the most fundamental functions of the human resource management in any organization (Selvarajan and Cloninger, 2011, p…
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Managing Employee Appraisals
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Download file to see previous pages These risks include but are not limited to high rate of employee turnover, and low quality of products or services that the organization offers to the clients. Management of performance appraisals is a fairly demanding task. The management in organizations is often too busy to consider such issues, and the amount of effort required to maintain a healthy, practicable, and fully functional performance management system makes it seem more of a hassle than a good practice, but the reality is otherwise. According to DeNisi and Pritchard (2006), the research surrounding the topic of performance appraisal has attracted a lot of criticism because of the overemphasis placed on the psychometric issues. It is equally important for the appraisal research to place emphasis on and explore the effective systems of performance appraisal that can inculcate the motivation in the employees to improve their performance. Some of the most important components of the effectiveness of employee appraisal include the perceived level of accuracy, fairness, and satisfaction on the part of the employees because these perceived reactions of the employees can serve as the motivational factors to help them improve their performance. ...
It is linked with a range of outcomes of employee appraisal like motivation of the employees and their satisfaction with the appraisal. Achievement of their satisfaction is extremely important for the management because employees can only be motivated to improve their performance once they have the confidence that their past performance has been judged fairly. In all cases, the more transparent the system of employee appraisal, the better it can be understood by the employees and their perceived reactions to it are likely to be more positive. Considering the importance of a well-developed, organized, and transparent system of employee appraisal, use of software for performance management is fairly common in a lot of industries ranging from healthcare to construction and schools. One such software that is suitable for use in the healthcare industry is HealthcareSource Performance Manager. This software makes the process of healthcare performance management quite simplified with the automation of the content and workflow for competencies, performance reporting, training, and performance appraisals. The software provides the management with a structure and an efficient reminder system that places emphasis on the achievement of goals and makes the documentation, chasing, and communication quite convenient for the management. Improvements made to the employee appraisal with the use of the HealthcareSource Performance Manager include improved on-time completion ratio of employee appraisal, improved communication in the organization, consistence between the goals of the organization and those of the employees, and minimized time ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Managing Employee Appraisals Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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