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The Respond on 4 Videos - Essay Example

One character, the senator is advising the other, Alan smith, on the appropriate action to take. This act of advising a workmate is a core feature of staff authority. Alan smith is essentially receiving negative feedback from the senator. The senator is condemning Alan smith for the actions of his guy. The senator is furthermore not giving Alan Smith any avenue via which he can defend himself or air out his take on the matter. If I were to assume the senator’s position, then I would have responded differently to the situation, I would have given Alan smith the opportunity to defend his position. Secondly, I would not have started condemning Alan; rather the best route to take would have been a consultative one. The senator never gave Alan smith the opportunity to explain himself or express his opinions on the situation. Thus, the conversation tended to be one sided. He assumed the authoritarian stance and adopted it throughout the scene. Additionally, if I were the senator, I would empower Alan smith so that he becomes better prepared to deal with the circumstances as efficiently as possible. Employee empowerment has been known to raise the confidence levels of employees. I would give Alan the means for making the right decision and ensure that the decisions are the right ones. (http://www.cengage.com/management/book_content/0538743522_mgmt3/ Videos/ch09bf.html) Chapter ten Video one: Failure to launch Kit and Ace combine to create a mediocre team. Their team does not have the qualities

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According to the report the Lecture by Nigel Vincent was generally devoted to the issue of language policy and the language as a national institution. Professor emphasized that he was not specialists in the sphere of USA policies and asked the audience to correct him in case if anything was wrong in his ideas related to American realities.
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to become a high performance team. However, their combined input towards the shooting and subsequent saving of the bird exemplifies characteristics of a good team work. Though, some mistakes were made during the entire episode. Initially, Ace is seen as the leader of the team, but as the scene progresses the clear leader turns out to be Kit. Nonetheless, there is consistent evidence of team conflict. In a number of situations, conflict between the team members is evident. This is first noticed when the team shoots the bird and Ace blames Kit for overestimating the power of the shot. Team conflict is also witnessed during the treating of the bird. They constantly argued, on the appropriate step to adopt. In all, the team has some flaws, but it effectively manages to resuscitate the bird. The team is successful in the end. Video two: Greensburg, Kansas Janice claims that the community leaders have not accepted their take or opinions on rebuilding. The ideas from the general public were, in whole, ignored. She claims that the community leaders have downgraded the role of the residents in the rebuilding process. She further argues that the decision making has been flawed and inadequate to deal with the present situation. She is of the opinion that the funds directed to the rebuilding process could be used for other alternative purposes that benefit the community in a better way. The work team comprised of volunteers from the community and a special committee. Though decisions in Greensburg were not fully thought through, they had the best intentions in mind. However, more community involvement should have been incorporated into the rebuilding process. The reservations of a majority of the citizens of Greensburg were not ironed out. (http://www.cengage.com/management/book_content/0538743522_mgmt3/ Videos/ch10bf.html http://www.cengage.com/management/book_content/0538743522_mgmt3/ Videos/ch10cv.html) Chapter fifteen Video one: Greensburg When the tornado hit the town, it took out all, either
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The ambiance of this scene in the movie, Rendition, is that of behavioral informality. This is depicted by the spontaneous loose social interaction of the two gentle men in the scene, the senator and Alan Smith…
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The Respond on 4 Videos
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