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Business Management Theory - Research Paper Example

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Name CONTRIBUTION TO MANAGEMENT THEORY This paper focuses on contributions made by an individual towards the management theory. The chosen individual is Fredrick W. Taylor in which his contributions to theory are well illustrated, including the significant changes that his efforts made on the modern management…
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Business Management Theory
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Download file to see previous pages However, his efforts were supported by other professionals such as Frank and Lillian Gilbreth. In the year 1991, he made several contributions towards the management theory that are still in existence up to date as discussed below. The book of Management, Bus. Rev 3rd edition by Patrick J Montana and Bruce H Charnov states that Fredrick W Tailor was the first to make a formal attempt in the creation of management theory. He made wise decisions such as the decision to advocate an application of scientific method so as to work analysis and develop functional ways of putting the theories to work(Dale, 44). Long time before Tailor came up with theories, there was a common belief among the people that leaders not not made but are born. This belief was a great challenge to the formulated theories since the people could not support them. It became very cumbersome to speak of the aspect of theory management in such an environment whereby the fact that leaders could be trained was totally unacceptable. Towards the end of 19th century, the industry had greatly expanded and became complex therefore creating the need for better better understanding on matters to do with the management theory as well as the managerial technique development (Dale, 44). Due to the fact that Tailor got support from other professionals, Lillian Gilbreth and Frank who were pioneers in the area of motion studies on the job analysis and improvement in work efficiency. Franck used the term of therbligs to describe about seventeen motions that were different and were meant for the purpose of doing the job. Through listing the therbligs, Frank was capable of analyzing the job actions and seek to gain efficiency (Dale, 44). Taylor also played a big role in trying to motivate the workers through his theories, he advocated a piece rate so as to motivate the workers. He knew that motivating employees would enable them to be more productive, he therefore introduced a Gantt Chart as a management tool for the purpose of scheduling work. The Gantt Chart accelerated the use of piece rate so as to record a normal production and a production bonus for motivating workers be more productive above the expected norm (Dale, 44) The Administrative theory that was created had five functions that characterized management as organizing, planning, commanding, controlling and coordinating. Fredrick Taylor, together with his colleagues in the management science movement came up with a theory which stipulated that workers had no intention to work , were very lazy, required a close supervision, had to be pushed by various threatening so as to be productive, lacked creativity and usually got challenged by the work (Montana, 23). However, the theory was opposed by the theory of McGregor which states that workers have a positive attitude towards work, practice high level of creativity, are ready to welcome various challenges, are more responsible and not be challenged by the work. As a result, the McGregory theory was more optimistic as compared to the Taylor`s theory since was a rather pessimistic assessment (Montana, 23) In the year 1991, Fredrick W Tailor made various contributions to the management theory as discussed in the book ‘Handbook of Media Management and Economics by Alan B Albarran’, Michael O Wirth and Chan-Olmsted. From this book, he made contributions on the management th ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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