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Short case study analysis - Essay Example

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Name Institution Tutor Date A case in Policy Implementation Problems Case summary Mechanical research associate is expecting an increase in sales by 200% in the coming two years. Its president Harvey Daniel authorizes the director of personnel William Seagle to establish operating processes and procedures for formally recruiting and selecting professionals…
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Short case study analysis
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Download file to see previous pages However, his new policy did not work since operating manager including those in Daniels department continued to hire workers informally. David Hall was hired as a research engineer, and his name was presented to the president by a former vice president of engineering company who was not employed by that time. After three months seagle became suspicious about some irregularities in Hall’s background. Hall’s information about where he had undertaken his graduate and undergraduate engineering course was not true. Hall was very competent in his work, and the personnel did not know the strategy for changing the cart before the horse. SWOT analysis Strengths and weaknesses The company’s strength is seen in the fact that it is expecting an increase in of 200% in sales this is a very good margin. Despite giving false information in his application letter, Hall is a very competent professional and even the president wondered what the company would do without him. Personnel manager is a competent human resource manager since he sees the need for having a centralised policy for hiring and recruiting professionals. ...
Identification of major problems The major problem in this case study is implementation of centralised policy of hiring professionals. Even after getting the go ahead of coming up with a new practice in his department, the new policy does not work, and other managers are still interfering with how recruitment and hiring is done. When Hall was being employed there was no formal interview done instead, he was called at a home office where a personal interview was done. This act underrated the personnel manager this he was not included in the interview. The interview was conducted by the president who does not have personnel skills and knowledge instead of the personnel director. Another challenge was the uncertainty of how to handle the critical information in Hall’s personnel file. Hall had shown a lot of competence in his work and the company as doing so well through his good work Significant factors Recruitment is one among the foremost vital elements of human resource management, this function of management help to minimise any potential employee’s problems which may arise in the future. Adopting the centralised method is very vital for the organisation to avoid personal conflicts in terms of duties. Possible courses of action However, if the achievement is not done effectively then this may have wide reaching implications for the organisation future. Screening and talent Matching may be a specialist unit of personnel management function. Normally, the human resource manager should accompany the interview panel with an organisational intention of serving to line managers in creating choices on the quality of the candidates to the organisational culture. A ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Short Case Study Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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