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Bmw establish a manufacturing operation in china: an analysis of bmw corporate culture - Essay Example

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The essay below intend to analyse the BMW cooperate culture and its effectiveness in establishing a manufacturing operation in China . Corporate culture also known as organisational culture is a collective human behaviour that defines activities in an organisation. …
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Bmw establish a manufacturing operation in china: an analysis of bmw corporate culture
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Extract of sample "Bmw establish a manufacturing operation in china: an analysis of bmw corporate culture"

Download file to see previous pages In order to successfully compete in global market, multi-national corporations should consider and understand numerous emerging critical cultural, economic, political, and social factors. The sudden shifts in global market have significantly affected the operation of many global multinational entities. The automobile market is experiencing monumental shift due to the significant growth of Chinese automobile market. The expanding China market has as a result, forced numerous large automobile entities in the world to have the desire and motivation of investing in China market. In most cases, the success of an organisation in global market is to a great extent brought about by the company’s ability to maintain a well-built brand image and reputation, ability to access its global customers at different cultural backgrounds, capability of meeting the distributions and manufacturing logistical challenges, as well as ability to keep up with advanced rapid pace of technological innovation and development. BMW is a good example of a global company which is in a promising position of conducting global business in different cultural settings. Despite the increased global competition and complexity, BMW has been increasing its sales, making high profit, and producing high quality products without compromising its fundamental values and brand image (BMW, 2012). The essay below intend to analyse the BMW cooperate culture and its effectiveness in establishing a manufacturing operation in China BMW Background BMW was established in 1926 in Munich, Germany as an art craft-engine factory. The company build its first motorcycle in 1923. In 1928, the BMW Company bought a car factory at Eisenach in Thuringia. The new factory was licensed to build small cars, Dixie. The BMW manufactured its first BMW car in 1933. As from 1933 to the second world, the company showed significant growth in its three major branches, Motorcycles, Aero Engine, and Automobile. However, the company’s biggest expansion was in 1973 when it created subsidiaries in North America and France. This expansion was successful due to the company effective corporate culture. The company’s first digital engine electronic was designed in 1979 (BMW, 2012). In 1989, BMW was the first automobile company in Germany to produce over half million cars. In 1990, the company had succeeded in making a turnover of DM 20,000 millions. At the same time, BMW Company had as well acquired a Kontron GmbH. At present, the BMW Company is one of the most developed automobile companies in the world with more than 94,000 employees worldwide and a sale of over one million vehicles per year. Additionally, BMW has several manufacturing plants and subsidiaries in many parts of the world including Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, United Kingdom, United States of America, Brazil Mexico, South Africa ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bmw Establish a Manufacturing Operation in China: An Analysis of Bmw Essay.
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