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Decision making // Personal Case Study Reflection - Essay Example

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Decision Making through Application of theories of Decision Making in Business College Name Subject Abstract The research essay will analyse how a strategic decision is introduced to implement a new process in the company, how external consultant was employed to resolve the issue, how business decision making theories are involved to introduce a new decision in the business, what would be the implication if the existing opportunities that are available are not employed to solve the business issue, and how the team members of a core committee arrived at decision by employing various well-known decision making theories in detail…
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Decision making // Personal Case Study Reflection
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Download file to see previous pages The research report will give detail on how the move to global vehicle platforms will pave the way to a decrease in production and development costs, with core vehicle and parts mechanism to be shared expansively and parts suppliers to be associated early in the process. Our workgroup decided to offer a draft document to all field engineers who are engaged in the work and carry out product quality tests and checks as detailed in the report once they are completed. The workgroup decided to implement the project through a computer stimulated programme so as to speed up this practice and at the same juncture to generate competence advantages to the current practice. The core committee planned to involve consultant from outside to advise on an “all-new front-wheel-drive vehicle platforms”. ...
This is based on the theory of bounded rationality, which enumerates with reasonable preciseness how individuals in the real world scenario make decision rather than in some idealized scenario. Thus, the bounded rationality explains the world as it is (Secchi, 2010, p.20). The group was actively engaged in the collection of data and template formatting in the past few months by meeting at regular intervals to evaluate the progress. The core group acknowledged that there is a need to engage a specialist to formulate a more competent process of drafting out the documentation needed for project work. The above decision is very much a non-programmed decision as it was made in retort to a scenario that is very unique, feebly delineated, largely amorphous and has significant outcome for the organisation (Daft & Marcic, 2010, p.185). The core committee was of the opinion that it was not regular, it concerned unique information, and it was without any doubt going to be confronted by the top management, who would question why people within the organization were unable to accomplish the desired outcome. Our workgroup were already aware that this process was to be completed within the set timeframe and in the most economical way, and the management approval was given after we exhibited the productivity and conventionality to be gained from implementing the ANFWDVP process through an automated process. As I had a prior acquaintance with a dependable consultant who had very good experience in this field and as I know that thanks to intuition (Well & Well, 2009, p.1), which is a legitimate leadership tool in decision making, I advised the core committee that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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