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Situational Analysis of Women in Managament - Essay Example

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The importance of a good management team for a good organization In order to have a successful business, an organization must have a management team that is good enough to run the organization efficiently and effectively…
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Situational Analysis of Women in Managament
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The goals and mission will be communicated more effectively and everyone in the organization will know what they are supposed to do and when they are supposed to do it in order to get to the goals of the organization and women are adept at managing households and communicating effectively with every member of the family. Every employee will work towards the same goals if they understand them and are committed. Most companies are aware that they need to have a good top management in their organization. However, they are unsure how to get that perfect team and many a times unsure about women.
Creating the team requires that they know two aspects of their job; that is their responsibility to the organization and the lines of communication between them and the employees. Women should be crystal clear as to what they should be doing and how to do it properly. They also need to communicate the information effectively and efficiently so that other follow suit in the pursuing of goals. They should be open to employees and their feedback as well because communication is a two way street; women tend to be good listeners as well

The top management job remains essentially the same; whether it is a flat structure organization or a typical hierarchical level organization with senior managers, middle managers and their own employees. It also changes with the size of the organization, but once again, even as the approaches are different, the roles remain the same. And since women always perceive themselves as an alien, they are more flexible to change and change management and so would be to the structure of an organization as well. The top management team takes charge of the decision making primarily and hence they need to have good judgment skills. A bad manager, will be detrimental both to the employees and the organization as well, and sometimes it is difficult to gauge if a manager has a sound personality fit for the job or not. The following discussion further outlines why women are competent for higher posts in organizations. (Drucker, 1974) Why women? A study of 2,500 Danish firms shows that women in top management and senior executive posts are not harmful but actually positive for an organization. Since this is a large sample size, the study seems to be plausible. However, the qualification of women is important as well; top management positions filled by less qualified women will lead the organization towards a downfall and therefore, women don’t have special knack but education benefits males and females both equally to equip them with the skill of running an organization. Women of skill and power such as Angelina Merkel and Hillary Clinton are good examples of good candidates for top posts and are a living example of leading women. (Nina Smith, 2006) Another study shows that women are good for the organization as they also bring diversity which is important in top management teams or TMTs. However, women in the top management are an ongoing issue over the years. Most men simply do not feel comfortable with women as their bosses. Especially in Asia, the barriers to entry for women are extremely high. However, those companies that did employ women noticed a positive growth in their companies and it is also foreseen as positive for their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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