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Benefits of the iPhone5 to an Architectural company - Essay Example

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How iPhone5 can Enhance An Architectural Company Executive summary Today an architectural company has greater scope as construction and infrastructure development activities are dramatically increasing. As a result of increased business transactions, an architectural firm needs to manage a bundle of information every day…
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Benefits of the iPhone5 to an Architectural company
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Extract of sample "Benefits of the iPhone5 to an Architectural company"

Download file to see previous pages (Tech gadgets, n. d.). In order to evaluate how the iPhone 5 can serve an architectural company, data/information management needs persisting in the architectural industry are closely analysed. It is observed that the weakness in information management and communication can negatively affect an architectural company’s market competitiveness. An architectural company cannot deliver effective services to its clients unless there are improved information and communication management systems in operation. In the next session, the paper discusses how these needs of an architectural company can be met using the iPhone. ...
By the turn of the 20th century, the business world became highly competitive, and subsequently many business firms went out of business due to their insufficient competitive capabilities. In order to manage the high level growth, companies are required to pay particular attention to construction activities and infrastructure development (Ruth, n. d.). It is obvious that infrastructure development is very crucial to attract potential investors and hence to ensure sustainable business growth Government of the Rostov Region, n. d.). Therefore, architectural companies have immense growth opportunities in today’s business world. In addition to the explosive business growth, the increasing need for housing also offers potential opportunities for architectural firms (The Hindu Business Line, 2012). Today, a large number of architectural companies are active in the industry so as to take advantages of the emerging infrastructure development opportunities. However, these companies cannot promote their business growth unless they remain competitive and innovative. In other words, an architectural company has to show its creativity in project design, project development, and information management (Black architects, 2005, p.114). Managing inflow and outflow of information is one of the most difficult challenges for an architectural company to face (Oracle, 2012). In order to effectively confront with market rivals and thereby ensure long term business sustainability, architectural companies must get proper access to information when required. Currently, these firms depend on online information storage systems that are capable of meeting information needs quickly and conveniently. It is clear that architects cannot often develop ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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