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The paper “City of Santa Ana’s Purpose, Vision, Values, and Goals” looks at the identification of vision, goals, and actions, which are vital in strengthening the government’s budgeting process. In this case, if the actions are performed as expected, the purpose of the organization will be achieved…
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City of Santa Anas Purpose, Vision, Values and Goals
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Download file to see previous pages Each element of the vision is translated into measurable goals. For example, one element of the visions is “investment in children” (1). The goals set to realize this vision include ensuring a safe community and being a catalyst for the positive development of young people. It also has a vision of “appreciation of diversity” (2). This vision can be realized by the formulation of a specific goal which is “recruit and retain a highly-skilled and diverse workforce” (2). From these examples, it is clear that goals flow from vision. After setting the goals, the implementation process begins. This involves translating the goals into actions or formulating strategies to ensure the goals are achieved. For the organization purpose to be achieved, every department in the organization should work towards a common goal since each department has specific actions to perform that flow from the goals. For example, to “ensure a safe community” the community development agency is required to “develop and implement programs to deter and alleviate the effects of illegal behavior” (2). ...
However, for these actions to be enacted, the support in terms of funds, equipment, and manpower is needed; thus, the budgetary allocation is crucial. Through the roles assigned, each department in the city is made aware of what is expected if the council is successful in its endeavor. Identification of vision, goals, and actions is vital in strengthening the government’s budgeting process. From the vision, achievable goals are set, and in order to achieve the goals, some actions must be performed. In this case, if the actions are performed as expected, it means the vision, as well as the purpose of the organization, will be achieved. For this to happen, resources in terms of finance, materials and equipment, and manpower with required skills are needed. Where do the resources come from? The government has to provide the resources needed for successful implementation of goals, but it cannot just give out resources without a plan. It has to establish how much is needed in order to achieve each goal and allocate resources accordingly. Some goals which are more important are given more priority than others. Some actions can also enhance the implementation process by these means reducing the need for financial allocation. For example, by employing a highly skilled diverse workforce continuously, there is a possibility to ensure improved systems and high-quality services to customers and to develop the required programs. Thus, it is crucial for the government to have vision and objectives, so as to allocate resources efficiently for the overall success of government services and economic growth.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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