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Organizations Mission, Vision, and Core Values - Research Paper Example

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The organization that would be the subject of one’s observation results to comply with the requirements of the paper is McDonald’s, one of the largest and most popular food chains worldwide. The organization’s stipulated brand mission is to “be our customers' favorite place and way to eat……
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Organizations Mission, Vision, and Core Values
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Download file to see previous pages According to Martires & Fule (2000), the concept of organizational culture encompass the atmosphere that the personnel is accustomed to practice as a result of adherence to the policies, rules, mission and vision statement, as well as the existing protocols that are being applied in the conduct of offering the products or services to their clientele. From continued patronage and established bond with the organization due to being one of its identified stakeholders as a loyal customer, one has observed that the culture of the organization is known from observation that they abide by the requisite to doing the right thing (McDonald's: Getting to Know Us, 2012). There is also the conformity to the identified McDonald’s System, which, upon further research indicated that commitment to high quality, innovation, and techniques that achieve sustainability embody the organization’s culture (McDonald's: McDonald’s System, 2012).
It has been observed that encompassing the organization’s culture is the fast way of ensuring that their food products are served wtihin a stipulated time frame and meeting the highest standards of sourcing raw materials from their best suppliers. Each aspect of the organization’s operations are evaluated to conform to concepts of social responsibility, conformity to environmental protection and conservation, addressing nutritional components of the ingredients that they use in their products, and in educating their varied personnel to emphasize that other aspects deemed crucial in the organization’s thrust to achieve their goals include the participation and collaborative contribution of a diverse pool of human resources (McDonald's: Inclusion & Diversity, 2012). However, when one visited McDonald’s restaurants, it could be observed that there is inconsistencies in applying customer service protocols, in conformity to the highest standards of ingredients or raw materials used for their food products, and in their supposed commitment for social responsibility. Section 3: Recommendations In linking the organization’s mission and value statements to the perceived organizational culture, it could be deduced that all crucial components to ensure leadership and success have already been set in place. However, as organizations continue to evolve, like McDonald’s, the organization acknowledges the need for continued growth through thinking outside the box and by soliciting customers’ feedback and responses with the aim for further improvement and development in customer service, in conformity to social responsibility and environmental protection, and in consistency of practicing or applying the theories learned in operating and managing a global organization. In this regard, the four recommendations proposed regarding the application of theories to actual experiences, as manifested and exemplified through their various personnel’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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