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Developments in Theories of Supply Chain Management - Term Paper Example

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The paper 'Developments in Theories of Supply Chain Management' focuses on philosophical underpinnings which will be discussed in line with supply chain management in this work. The supply chain will be used in the exercise of the research methodologies in the philosophical underpinnings…
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Developments in Theories of Supply Chain Management
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Extract of sample "Developments in Theories of Supply Chain Management"

Download file to see previous pages The methods of obtaining data will encompass both the qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection and analysis. Open and closed-ended questionnaires will be used in this analysis. The pragmatic consideration will use both aspects. Philosophical claims emanating from the pragmatic consideration and its critique is a major factor that will affect the use of the theories. Ontology to be considered, epistemology and axiology are also important to this research study. Body Several philosophical underpinning research methods can be contained in the research in supply management efficiency. These methods are considered depending on the extent by which their usefulness will be relevant to the nature of the study to be carried out. Ontology is carried out to determine the alternative options available and to be considered. ‘Ontology is a term that refers to the list of options that can be considered either in a scientific or philosophical study’ (Williamson, 1993). The supply chain is the route the product or service goes through from the supplier to the consumer. In some cases, this chain is as short as directly from the manufacturer to the consumer but, sometimes it goes through several distributors e.g. retailers before it gets to the consumer. The supply chain is also affected by several factors. These research methods apply to the supply chain in different occasions and instances depending on what the researcher is looking at. ‘Epistemology is a method used in analyzing data which heavily relies on the type of data obtained during the research. It is popular in the social sciences. Epistemology is a metacognitive learning process assumed in our beliefs but validates other perspectives.’ (Mezirow,1990). The epistemological process is central to critical thinking, it has an effect on the race, ideologies power, influence, cosmology, gender, and class may be affected. This is when the rationality is in a manner that the issues contained are solved by way of the reason (Everline, 1899). There is a revolution in the principles of the epistemological revolution, and, the sound of the reason is usually considered. Studying cases that had once occurred in trying to deduce the reasons behind their occurrence is also critical in social science. These provide the actual effect of the variables on the samples under research (Valentine, 2005). The results from the case study get used in solving other problems of similar cases. Open discussion forum in data collection can be useful when the manufacturer is trying to come up with a new product. This method analyses what is required in the market (Lilian, 2006). It helps the manufacturer to tailor the output according to the user needs. Paradigm ‘Paradigm has been used over the centuries to refer to a set of practices that define a scientific discipline at any given time. It is a term that does not have a precise philosophical meaning but applied in community research to provide solutions to problems’ (Ashley, 2000). Pragmatic consideration entails what is to be scrutinized from observation, the type and kind of questions to be put in place for the research, the structure of the questions in relation to the subject, equipment available for the conduction of the experiment and the mode by which the results from the research should be analyzed and interpreted (Cesky, 2004). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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