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Internation World AIDS Charity Day - Essay Example

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International World AIDS Charity Day Name: Institution The World AIDS Day is an annual event that seeks to sensitize the public concerning AIDS. In addition, it seeks to raise funds for sponsoring the medication for AIDS victims especially in the developing countries…
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Internation World AIDS Charity Day
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Download file to see previous pages The rationale of the event is to collect money that can be used to subsidize the medication for management of AIDS in the affected countries (Sharon, 2011). Our goal is ensure that every person infected with AIDS gets the required medication regardless of individual economic status. The event is on its 20th year and so far over six hundred billion dollars have been raised. It has attracted the support of many international celebrities who have contributed both materially and in kind for the cause. Our vision is to raise sufficient funds to finance not only the purchase of drugs but also raise public awareness on the issues related to AIDS. We also seek to encourage further research on finding a cure for AIDS. To this end, our long term strategy is to work with the leading pharmaceutical companies and researchers to put more effort in finding a cure for the disease. The date of the ceremonial commemoration is on 1st July. The chosen location will be in London. Other commemorations will be marked in all major cities in the world. The venue will be at the Oxygen arena. All proceeds from the event will go to charity. Strategic Aims Objectively, the event seeks to raise funds for the purchase and supply of drugs for the treatment of AIDS victims in the developing countries. We intend to raise fifty million dollars that will be used to buy the drugs to be distributed in these countries. We also intend to secure commitments from world leaders that this scourge will be tamed and appropriate programs will be put in place to curb its spread. The “AIDS free world” accord which details elaborate plans to wipe out the pandemic will be presented to the leaders to persuade them to take deliberate measures to lower the rates of new infections in their countries. In addition, the event also aims to put more emphasis on the research for a permanent cure for the disease. Research on this field has been sluggish. Consequently, the event aims to gain a clear commitment from leading pharmaceutical companies and researchers that research for a cure will be given a priority. Objectives One of our objectives is to raise funds towards the support of AIDS medication. Our target is to raise over fifty million shillings in cash. To obtain these funds, we will design arm bands, t-shirts, caps, and bandanas to target people attending the event. The sales will begin on days set before the start of the major event. In addition, branded merchandise will be availed in selected outlets to make them accessible to the public. Another strategy to raise funds will be through organizing a charity concert before the main event. Leading musicians will be invited to entertain participants at a nominal fee. In fact, the invitation of leading artistes will serve a twofold function of attracting larger crowds to the concert and also increase the sales of the branded merchandise. The event will also run an online campaign through the social networking sites to raise funds. We intend to spur online interest on AIDS as an imminent threat to humanity. The other objective for the event is to raise awareness concerning AIDS in the developing countries. The rate of HIV/AIDS infections is highest in the developing countries. The disease is most prevalent in African countries. Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for about forty percent of the documented infections (Luter, 2010). The implications are dire considering that most of those infected are the breadwinners for their families. The result is that their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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