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The paper presents an overview of different conflict management styles and highlights one conflict management style that is used by organizations most frequently. It also describes the difficulties organizations face in dealing with others who use different conflict management styles…
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Evaluation of Conflict Management Styles
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Download file to see previous pages Conflicts may take place at any point in time and at any place. The common cause of conflict involves a difference in ideas, attitudes, standards, requirements, and expectations. These disagreements cause each party to ascertain some actions, indecisions, and reactions. When communication has unforeseen or undesirable fallouts, it is general to fuss about what might be mistaken or complaint about what is off beam with the other person. It is much more prolific, however, to an emphasis on what occurred (Marion, 22; Rahim, 583; Romero, 2983). Instead of disturbing or making conventions about other parties in the conflict, it is more fruitful to an emphasis on reckoning out variances and disagreements to gain common perspectives and create collective resolutions. Conflict Styles Assessment and Interpretation On the basis of the importance of goals and relationships are to the contradictory parties, there are five conflict management styles that displays different levels of the two major factors that are assertiveness and cooperation. . Each of the conflict management styles bears different strengths and weaknesses. For the conflict management, all of the styles are being used by individual and organizations to some degree. The five ways through which conflicts can be managed include: compromising, forcing and competing, avoiding and withdrawing, accommodating and smoothing and confronting and collaborating. No single style is suitable in all situations. Indeed, organizations teamed up with individuals that bear members with all five conflict management styles can be very effectual and efficient if those individuals keep asserting those strengths and powers associated with each style. Withdrawing and Avoiding This style requires low assertiveness and low cooperation. People who are agreeable to give up both individual goals and relations withdraw and avoid conflict. They are neither self-confident nor helpful. They normally try to avoid the real conflict and become external observers. By heeding their advice and inputs, organization and other team members advance valuable feedback on evolving issues and concerns, as well as other conflict party members’ behavior that are adopting or obstructing resolution (Schmidt, 4057; Thompson, 26). The key characteristics that these types of conflict management style adapters possess include low level of assertive and cooperative. They generally keep themselves away from issues and matters that may raise a conflict. Their common belief is that conflict resolution is very much difficult and it is easier to avoid a conflict or withdraw physically and psychologically from it than to face it. Forcing and Competing People who trail objectives at the overhead of relationships and dealings are competitive and forceful. They are found to be extremely assertive but not predominantly cooperative.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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