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The Use of Conflict Management Styles Across Different Cultures - Coursework Example

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The author of the following paper claims that the business process is evolving continuously with the increasing focus on developing a market competitive advantage. Business houses are trying to align the core value of the firms with the functional aspects of the firm…
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The Use of Conflict Management Styles Across Different Cultures
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Extract of sample "The Use of Conflict Management Styles Across Different Cultures"

Download file to see previous pages The study will intend to evaluate the process of selection of the conflict management styles in the organizations and the factors influencing them.
The cultural identities of the organizations have become more diversified in the contemporary scenario as the internal workforce is more widespread and open (Cochran & Harpending, 2009). According to Devine et al. (2002), culture defines the identity of an individual, group or an institution and is one of the strongest attachments that can give rise to conflicts if tampered with. Blair (2001) opined that often it is observed that mergers and strategic alliances fail in the real world businesses because of their cultural differences. For instance, the merger between Ford and Chrysler in the year 1998 failed because of the inability of their workforce of the organizations to adapt to the changes in the work structure. In order to assess the influence of culture on the conflict management process, it is essential to first understand the factors involved in culture. Devine et al. (2002) reflected that although culture is not always the cause of the conflict it can influence the conflict resolving process.
In the words of Blair (2001), the culture firm reflects the core values, passion, and its aim. Geary (2005) added that the stakeholders of a firm contribute to the development of its culture. This again creates complicacies and conflicts among the management and the shareholders of a company. Bentley et al. (2007) argued that organizational culture is influenced by the aims and objectives which in turn dominate the work process of the firm. Devine et al. (2002) focused on the influence of cultures on the business process and stated that when the basic needs of an individual, group or organization are satisfied, conflicts do not rise among diverse cultures. However, Chiappe & MacDonald (2005) stated that cultural diversity also increases the chances of conflict among the people as it reflects the differences in the thought process, working style and followership of a workforce.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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