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Discuss the implications for managers that work with different national cultures - Essay Example

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Name Management 7 June 2013 Implications for Managers that Work with Different National Cultures Introduction Cultural diversity is no longer an issue to be ignored by management and organizations across the globe. With more organizations and businesses going global, the management teams have to practice leadership that best suits the situation and environment…
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Discuss the implications for managers that work with different national cultures
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Download file to see previous pages There are both negative and positive repercussions on the management and managers brought out in the course of interacting with different national cultures, which end up causing changes in the corporate management functions and control. Companies need to hire employees from the local regions; meaning management could find face several challenges in their managerial roles, due to barriers arising from differences in national cultures, which come with their distinguished values that the managers or the organization struggles to identify with. Development of Effectual Cross Cultural Communication Skills As businesses are set up across the globe, and the companies intend to capture the market attention, managers have to be equipped enough to overcome the communication barrier that exists when they are taken into different regions, the cultures and languages of which are different from their local settings or previous organization environment. It is definitely very difficult for manger to work with colleagues who speak a different language, since the communication is interfered with. Miscommunication happens to be a common problem that human resource managers deal with while working with teams from different national cultures. ...
At times, managers may be in foreign nations or could be working with team members who have been allocated to the managers or organizations local settings. Some ways which managers can facilitate effective cross cultural communication entail practicing active listening, reading out the signs or symbols and watching out for cultural assumptions, accessing brief teachings or using language guides, understanding language of space, time and context (HCareers n. p.). Of late, dealing with such challenges has enabled management to use technology in order to facilitate standard communication; this could include groupware and websites for sharing of information and to improve communication (Jones and George n. p.). The implications for managers that work with different national cultures include: 1. Creativity and innovation Working in different national cultures provides opportunities for managers to think critically, first of all on how the organization’s operations and objectives could be accomplished, and how to motivate employees’ performance in the different cultures. The existing components and architecture of the organization may not always work best at all situations and cultures. Similarly, even the products produced by a company in a certain region may not perform well in different markets, due to different cultures the organization’s branches may be operating in. Sometimes managers prefer to have a specific brand for their products across the globe, but this only proves to be successful if the market perceives a good image of the brand and its quality of products. Therefore, managers need to assess the culture they operate in, study the consumption behavior, preference, and limitations to success of the existing products or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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