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Oppurtunities for Waste Minimization and Their Implementation - Essay Example

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Opportunities for Waste Minimization and their Implementation Name: Institution: Opportunities for Waste Minimization and their Implementation in the National Fuel Gas Company Introduction Waste minimization is any process that involves the reduction of the amount of chemicals, as well as toxicity of chemical waste, which must be removed off-site and disposed as hazardous waste (Kutz, 2007)…
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Oppurtunities for Waste Minimization and Their Implementation
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has instituted its hierarchy of waste minimization ways, which include reduction, recycling, and treatment. Most organizations such as hospitals and schools aim at preserving the balance between the environment, and protecting people’s health. Also, in most organizations people must comply with environmental, safety, and health laws and regulations issued by the local, state and federal agencies. Thus, this paper will identify opportunities for waste minimization and implementation within an organization. This will include explanation and application of waste minimization methods in the National Fuel Gas Company, and structure and reasoning of the case for and against the implementation. National Fuel Gas Company is a holding company that was incorporated in 1902. It operates in four segments of business, which include utility segment, pipeline and storage, exploration and production, and energy marketing segment. The company operates its own natural gas treating and processing, as well as gathering pipeline facilities. Each of the four segments has its own function under different management. The utility segment operations are conducted by the national fuel gas distribution corporation, which sells and provides transportation of natural gas services. The pipeline and storage segment operations are done by the national fuel gas supply corporation, which provides transportation and storage natural gas. Moreover, the exploration and production segment is conducted by Seneca Resources Corporation, which focuses on the development of purchase of natural gas and oil reserves, while the energy marketing segment operations are done by the national fuel resources that markets natural gas. Waste minimization methods Waste minimization is considered the most effective and beneficial operating procedure. For instance, in a natural gas treating and processing plant, there are many economical and technical, waste minimization methods that can be used. For this reason, many oil and gas operators have discovered several waste minimization opportunities and implemented them. Thus, they are enjoying the benefits such as increased revenue, reduced operating and waste management costs, reduced regulatory compliance concerns, improved company image and public relations and reduced potential liability concerns. According to Cheremisinoff (1995), there are three key methods of waste minimization, which include source reduction also known as pollution prevention, recycling, and treatment. Source reduction is the most sought-after method of waste minimization, which reduces or eliminates the generation contaminants at the source, or release of chemical waste from the source. It involves the reduction of the impact of chemical wastes on the environment to the greatest extent. The recycling method is also a desirable approach in waste minimization in which the waste material that is used for a certain purpose is treated and reused in the same or another process. Source reduction and recycling, form the waste minimization. Treatment is the last waste minimization method. It can be conducted in laboratories through elementary neutralization, or through other processes such as chemical, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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