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Gender Discrimination - Term Paper Example

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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Gender Discrimination Gender discrimination refers to attitudes and beliefs that relate to the gender of a person and normally do not hold any legal ramifications (Anker, p 23). Gender discrimination may otherwise be referred to as sexism…
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Gender Discrimination Term Paper
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Download file to see previous pages There are different contexts that sexual discrimination may arise (Ayres, p 65). For example, an employee attending an interview may be asked discriminatory questions, or an employer wrongfully terminated or did not promote an employee based on their sexual affiliations, an employer failing to hire an employee, or an employer pays unequal remunerations based on gender. Another instance is in an educational setting whereby there might be claims of a student being left out on educational institution, opportunity, program, student loan, scholarship, or student group due to their gender. In a housing setting, instances may be declined the right to negotiate on seeking a house, leasing or contracting a house based on their sex. In a bank setting, an individual may be offered unequal loan terms or their plea for loans rejected based on their gender. Whereas there may be assertions of non-physical disparity between men and women, academic literature based on gender find only a limited amount of characteristics that are similar psychological differentials, between women and men, these are directly in relation to experiences pegged on biological discrepancies (Gunderson, p129). There are psychological variations regarding to how problems, emotional reactions and perceptions relating to hormones, and the relevant characteristics of each sex during the long-term function in historic primitive lifestyles. According to the United Nations, women more often than not face a “glass ceiling” and that no societies are available whereby women enjoy equal opportunities as men (Gregory, p82). The term describes a distinguished barrier to progress in employment based on sex discrimination. In 1995, the Glass Ceiling Commission, a United Sates government financially funded group regardless of the fact that women are awarded over 50% of all masters degrees, 95% of senior managers, of over 1000 industrial and 500 service companies are of the male gender. The commission recommended affirmative action in their report which considers employee’s race and gender. while hiring and promoting employees, This is to eradicate this discrimination (Gregory p83). In 2008, as a result of this move, 51% of all workers in well- paying professional, management, and related occupations were women. They were a larger number than men in occupations such as financial managers, public relations managers, and human resource managers. Transgender individuals, both female to male and male to female face difficulties which eventually result to underachievement, dismissals, difficulty in job searching, social isolation, and sometimes violent attacks (Cohn, p74). However, gender discrimination is not only revealing itself with women or in transgender individuals. Men are also sometimes victimized on the basis of sex in certain fields of employment such as office administration and childcare settings conventionally assumed to be “women’s jobs”. Other ways in which gender discrimination may reveal itself is through an employee claims that a manager or another individual in power makes statements or jokes that are insulting, demeaning, or offensive to women (McLean, Sheila, and Noreen, p68). Another instance is a case of a manager who clarifies through his words or actions that he has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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