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Management Information Systems Name: Institution: Management Information Systems Part I Interactive Session: Technology, “Augmented Reality: Reality Gets Better,” Question # 1 By definition, virtual reality is an interactive three dimensional computer generated environment that people have become plunged with, while augmented reality is a virtual reality that is majorly focused on the marketing effort of companies (Viega, 2010)…
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Management Information Systems
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, virtual reality applies the use of head mounted display that accelerates immersion and eliminates any form of interference from the real world. Notably, augmented reality combine the use of real life images and the three major display techniques, unlike the virtual reality that displays graphic information on handheld display and physical objects (Viega, 2010). Question # 2 The augmented reality is more appealing to the marketers than virtual reality, since nearly everyone has already experienced it, and is appreciating its application. Moreover, it can be applied in numerous commercial fields including sports and games, image guided surgery in medical procedures, marketing among other industries sectors. Additionally, markers prefer AR technology since it can be manipulated to produce interesting images for interesting marketing especially the phone applications (Maclntosh, 2010). Question # 3 The augmented reality has found its applicability in the real estate marketing since it readily avails real estate information and listings using phone applications. Moreover, the incorporated phone applications are easy to use by the phone users e.g. in locating a real estate. Additionally, the AR technology has made it easy to use small photographs that can easily be incorporated in the phone applications showing the features of the real estate or the actual property. Other than the mentioned applications of AR technology, it can be used as maps incorporating routes within a section of the city, museum. Furthermore, it can be used in the hotel industry advertisement (Maclntosh, 2010). Reference Maclntosh R. S. (2010). “Portable Real Estate Listings with a Difference, “United States, NY: The New York Times. Viega A. (2010). “Augmented Reality For Real Estate Search,’ NY: Associated Press. Interactive Session: Management, “Piloting Valero with Real Time Management” Question # 1 The management team needs to address several issues before developing the Valero’s dashboard. Among the issues is how efficient the dashboard will assist in the management of the organization (Henderson, 2009). How many managers will the dashboards availed in their offices? Moreover, if the dashboard is to be availed to the public, will the company records remain save? Additionally, will the dashboard compromise quality of production? Question # 2 The availability of the dashboard in the remote areas of the organization makes it possible for any form of deterioration of quality in the refining process to be easily identified and corrective measure taken as soon as possible (Kahn, 2010). Moreover, the dashboard quickly reveals the occurrence of any production measures thus quick corrective measures taken unlike undertaking manual operation to the plant in determining where the problem might have emerged. Question # 3 Since the dashboards are to be separated, each dashboard will only need to display certain information. For quality performance, the refining dashboard will only be required to display certain information for quality performance. The refining dashboard shows the information including history of production and the current production data (Kahn, 2010). This would facilitate comparison thus quality assessment and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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