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Students are required to produce a report on information systems - Assignment Example

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Basically, these sets of data and information are collected from a wide variety of sources such as customers’ responses,…
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Students are required to produce a report on information systems
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Extract of sample "Students are required to produce a report on information systems"

Download file to see previous pages There are various categories of information systems and each category contains particular kinds of information systems for instance management information systems and decision support systems. At the present, the success of an organization completely depends on the effectiveness of an information system. This report discusses the role of information systems in today’s ever-increasing competitive business environment. The basic purpose of this research is to show what role information systems play in the success of an organization and what the future of information systems is.
Without a doubt, this era is considered as the era of information technology (IT), where only those business organizations get the success that make use of information technology more effectively than their competitors. Additionally, in order to survive in this ever-increasing competitive business world designing and implementing information systems those produce accurate data and information on the subject of marketplace understanding, customers and competitive capacity. The basic objectives that business organizations want to achieve through the development and implementation of these modern technology based information systems include the overall corporate performance and effective and efficient handling of business data (Turban et al., 2005; Laudon & Laudon, 2005). This report will discuss how information systems are playing a significant role in the successful execution of business operations. This report will also discuss some of the successful examples of information systems’ success.
In their book (Turban et al., 2005, p.18) define an information system as a system which collects, processes, stores, evaluates, and distributes information in order to carry out a specific task. Additionally, the nature of tasks varies from department to department. For ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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