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Observation/Analysis Paper for an Organization - Essay Example

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Organization Analysis John Lewis Partnership plc is a large retail chain involved in retail business and is located in the UK. The chains are operated under john Lewis brand or the Waitrose brand names. The chains deal in eventually a wide range of merchandise that range from household goods, electric equipment, gift ware, technological appliances, electronic, daily products, fashionable clothing and other types of food staff such as meat(Bloomberg Business Week, 2011)…
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Observation/Analysis Paper for an Organization
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Download file to see previous pages This is because strong vision and mission have been associated with employee motivation and performance that leads to enhanced organisaional growth and employee satisfaction. The vision and mission of the organization define where eh company would like to be in a certain time frame and elaborates the steps necessary to get there. The mission statement in John Lewis plc reads as follows: “Our purpose is 'the happiness of all our members, through their worthwhile, satisfying employment in a successful business', with success measured on our ability to sustain and enhance our position both as an outstanding retailer and as a thriving example of employee ownership. With this in mind, our strategy is based on three interdependent objectives Partners, customers and profit” (John Lewis Partnership) The mission is therefore aimed at being employee focused and ensuring that employees are well satisfied and thriving as a leading retailer in a highly competitive market; the British market. To achieve this there are areas of improvements that John Lewis has to address to achieve these objectives as laid out in the mission. John Lewis concentrates much on the London market and has not ventured to the larger British market (Davey, 2011), to capture the market that would make the objective of being an outstanding retailer to come true throughout the country. A vision is based on the current reality but is concerned with the future that is significantly different from the status quo. It requires leadership to take an organization through such path. If John Lewis would still hold its dominance as a retail business in the highly competitive market, it would be necessary to expand to the entire country in new markets that would ensure sustainable growth and profitability. Vision establishes a standard of excellence and integrity, by providing them with a challenge that ensures that they work to their best. John Lewis as different business with employee shareholding structure of ownership may ensure that those hardworking and innovative employees are offered more shares as compared to the others (Bloomberg Business, 2011). This will provide the entire employees with a challenge of innovating and formulating new ways of doing business that would result to competitive operations and innovative ideas that would boost the operations of the retail chains. This would be the best way to deal with retail giants such as Tesco, which threaten Waitrose’s market dominance at a high rate (Office of Fair Trading, 2006). Vision deals with change, and helps the organization to achieve broad change, by offering a direction through with employees and the organization has to follow to achieve this change efficiently. In order to improve profits and satisfy employees, John Lewis may diversify operations to other countries not only in franchising, but also in Foreign Direct Investments. Taking advantage of a globalised world that presents a borderless market would enhance bother change and growth and ensure the above objectives have been met effectively as in the above mission statement. Mission is the glue that holds together in times of change and offers effective guidance in decision and choices regarding the future. The above mission s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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