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DreamWorks Animation SKG and Business Structure - Assignment Example

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The aim of this report is to conduct a well-organized management analysis of a chosen company. The company selected for the analysis of the management process is that of DreamWorks Animation SKG, an animation studio of America which is basically indulged in the business of producing and promoting various animated films around the world…
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DreamWorks Animation SKG and Business Structure
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Download file to see previous pages The decision of conducting management analysis of this specific incorporation was undertaken after reviewing its market performance during the past few years (generated revenue of $650 million in 2008). The objective of this paper is to evaluate the managerial decision-making traits of the company and find the loopholes if any so that recommendations can be provided for the betterment of its performance (Shreshtha, 2010).
The process of analyzing the management decision process of the company will be inclusive of clear and concise evaluation of the structure of the company which will be evaluated with the help of certain relevant theoretical models such as Mintzberg’s model of the internal system and Porter’s generic model.
The business structure of the company is widespread and concrete operable in two dimensions namely films and non-feature films business. The company produces and develops featured films all over the world market with a huge prospect of growth both in the short term as well as long-term. The company follows well managed and structured business prospect for the future in this segment and expects to remain popular in the future too as it is now. The structure of its business is also organized in the segment of non-feature films as well. This segment is specialized in producing objects for family entertainment and is inclusive of series of television (generally half an hour), live performances and online virtual segment. Apart from the widespread business scope of the company, it also concentrates heavily upon the process of producing top quality films and distributing the productions. The following structure depicts the entire process stages of the company for producing a comprehensive featured film which is the essential trait of its decision making. This is because, on the basis of evaluation results of each of the following stages, management decisions are undertaken. The stages are composed of four basic elements: development, pre-production, production and post-production.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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