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In the research paper while discussing about the four functions of the management theory, the company Surf Aid Indonesia has been considered. Surf Aid is a nonprofit humanitarian organization founded by Dr. Dave Jenkins. …
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Four functions of management theory
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Four functions of management theory Introduction In the research paper while discussing about the four functions of the management theory, the company Surf Aid Indonesia has been considered. Surf Aid is a nonprofit humanitarian organization founded by Dr. Dave Jenkins. The main objective behind the formation of the NGO was to develop the health and welfare of the people living in the isolated island of Indonesia. In the paper the focus is mainly on the four functions that is the planning, organizing, leading and controlling of the company (About Surf Aid International 2011). On a surfing trip to the Mentawai Islands of Sumatra Dr. Dave Jenkins discovered the poor health condition of the habitant of the island and made an effort to better the health condition of the island, thus Surf Aid came into existence (Annual Report, 2007). Planning and Surf Aid Planning indicates looking in advance and making outline of the future courses of action (Camillus, 1986, p.4). Dr Jenkins, the founder of Surf Aid observed the island wanted to introduce a behavioral change in the island and hence he planned out an outline of how he is going to initiate the humanitarian work there. He along with Steve Hathaway and Andrew Griffiths started the aid work at the island. His first plan was to distribute mosquito net in the area and make the inhabitants aware of the importance of using the mosquito net to prevent malaria. In 2000 the company was incorporated in New Zealand and the workers mainly worked without any wage. The company slowly opened an office at US and then in Australia and started developing links with the international governments and philanthropist to raise funds. The company planned to involve the locals of the place in its work, which would serve both the purpose of human resource and an easy convincing means. In the span of eight years his works attracted attention which helped him in raising funds from famous and big surf companies like Quicksilver and Billabongh (Cote, 2010). Organizing and Surf Aid Organizing is a process which follows planning. At this stage the main task of the CEO is to synchronize the work by combining the physical, economic and human resources of the company. With the limited fund that the company had the works were planned and organized in manner that helped in bringing in the change in the behavioral pattern of the islander. The company used the huge human resource of the island and included the locals in their work so that the change is acceptable by the inhabitant. The work of Jenkins had a prescribed and professional or corporate approach. (Cote, 2010; About Surf Aid International, 2011) The implementation of the humanitarian work in the island was carri8ed over peacefully and effectively and that was only possible due to the efforts of Jenkins, who used the medium of drama and songs to reach the people. His organizing strategy of combining the limited financial resource with the ample available human resources worked and the place was eradicated from malaria to a greater extent. As a leader he nicely planned out his strategy of work and fund raising. The company organized an event named wave of compassion where the winner gets an opportunity of a paid trip to the islands of Mentawai Island. This trip introduces the visitors to the harsh and poor condition of the islander thus invoking the humane in the visitors to contribute in the work of Surf Aid either by funding or by volunteering. (Wave of compassion, 2006) Leading and Sur Aid The manager or the CEO of the company should be like an inspirational figure for the employees. In case of Sur Aid Jenkins he was a true inspiration for the surfers who later joined in the noble mission of Jenkins. Earning a fashionable six figure salary was no trade off for his willingness to help others. Rebutting his luxurious and content life he engaged himself in the humanitarian work for free. The work under the leadership of Jenkins drew attention and Jenkins earned the “Rainer fellowship” and the “annual humanitarian award” at the world association. Jenkins. (About SurfAid International, 2011) Controlling and Surf Aid One of the main tasks of the CEO of the company is to monitor the work and activities of his employee. In case of Surf Aid the employees of the organization are mainly attracted by his works and voluntarily joined the organization to contribute in the noble mission. There are above 80 full time employees working for the organization (Annual Report, 2007, p. 7). In this context the Chairperson, Steve Hathaway, “I have no doubt that the passion and individuality that surfers bring to their sport an important source of passion and individuality inherent to SurfAid” (Annual Report, 2007, p. 4) But even then there is division of responsibilities between the volunteers. The team working at Indonesia is responsible for delivering the health and emergency responses. The success of the work in the island signifies the achievement of the monitoring and controlling program (Surf Aid International, n.d.). Conclusion The preceding discussion reveals us the fact that it is on the planning, organizing, leading and controlling that the success of the company depends and a good CEO of the company should make sure that he/she works accordingly to bring in a success for the company. The success of the company Surf Aid Indonesia totally depended upon one man’s leadership and vision, that is, Dr, Dave Jenkins’, which was later supported by his friends. His ability to lead, plan, organize and control brought a success to the company and enabled it to expand. References: 1. About Surf Aid International (2011). Waterman’s Paddle for Humanity, retrieved on June 12, 2011 from: 2. Annual Report (2007) Surf Aid International, retrieved on June 13, 2011 from: 3. Camillus, J. (1986), Strategic planning and management control: systems for survival and success, Lexington books. 4. Cote, J. (2010). “SurfAid’s Mentawai Tsunami Update”, retrieved on June 13, 2011 from: 5. Surf Aid international, (n. d). retrieved on June 11, 2011 from: 6. Wave of compassion, (2006). Event Information, retrieved on June 11, 2011, from: Read More
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