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Comparative Post Disaster - Essay Example

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This discussion aims at presenting a case study report based on Buncefield explosions and fire of 2005. It will identify and recommend the mitigation measures that can be taken by government and the businesses to reduce the occurrence of such events. …
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Download file to see previous pages As the paper stresses disasters although are not the norm and the usual occurrence but they are very much part of our lives. The degree and types of disasters vary. Some are natural disasters which cannot be avoided but some only occur due to our mistakes and can be avoided. Disaster is a phenomenon that can be natural or man-made and can be disastrous especially if no preventive measures are taken.
As the report highlights disaster management is the strategy and methodology employed when any catastrophe or disaster takes place. This disaster recovery process can be initiated when anything threatens to disrupt the normal course of events and the human life is at stake. Governments at different levels and even some businesses develop their disaster management plan to overcome any disastrous event and resume routine work. On 11th Dec 2005 there were explosions measuring 2.4 on Richter scale, in the oil storage depot of Buncefield, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. The first explosion was massive accompanied by a large fire that engulfed a high proportion of the site. Although there were no fatalities but 40 people got injured. Damage was not only restricted to the oil depot but many neighboring residential and commercial buildings were damaged. The fire and the emitting black clouds could be seen for several days. It was Britain’s most costly industrial disaster. St. Alban’s Crown Court gave its verdict in July 2010 and five companies after being found guilty were fined £ 9.5 million. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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