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Cyber Management Ethics - Essay Example

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The study was conducted to elaborate a social network in Internet that would be potential to create the crisis if the corporate is still implementing the traditional approach of stakeholder relationship or the understanding that corporate is the center of all stakeholders, based on the case of Omni International Hospital in Indonesia. …
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Cyber Management Ethics
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Download file to see previous pages They have abused it through downloading movies, downloading pornographic materials and/or pirated software. (Fox, M., Phillips, L. & Vaidyanathan, G., 2003) E-mail Accessed for Personal Benefit A statistic data from a pornographic industry consultant have noted that almost seventy percent of all visits to their website occur during the office hours or to be specific between 9 o’clock in the morning to 5 o’clock in the afternoon. According to the results received by Nielson or NetRatings, the online stock trading gets at least a ninety-two percent hits during the office hours and at least forty-six percent of the shopping done online during the holidays usually take place between nine o’clock in the morning to five o’clock in the afternoon. Another study made by Fox in 2002 showed that almost twenty five percent of employees in companies are suffering from addiction with the usage of the Internet. Another study conducted by Fox in 2002 was the activities that were most addictive to individuals today. It revealed that gambling online has sky rocketed to the top five most addictive activities to individuals and translating it to a specific proportion would show that about eight percent of the respondents have become addicted to online gambling. (Fox, M., Phillips, L. & Vaidyanathan, G., 2003) Information Week also presented a study that predicted the amount of e-mail messages business organizations would receive that is based on their sizes. For example, the large business organization that has revenue of more than a billion dollars would roughly receive about two million and four hundred thousand e-mail messages a day and send around one...
Cyber Management Ethics

The paper analyzed the steps should be taken into account in order to change toward the new approach of stakeholder relationship to fit in the era of digital society. Furthermore, the method of literature review was applied as a basis of theoretical construction on stakeholder relationship approach that should be engaged in avoiding of the crisis. The sudden discovery of the World Wide Web or Internet and its usefulness to the business organizations has greatly affected the productivity of the employees within the business organization. It cannot be disputed that the impact of the internet would have both positive and negative influence and it is up to the business organization to determine if its positive the effect outweigth its negative effect. And, if the freedom of transactions presented by the internet is abused by the employees, it is the prerogative of the business organization to implement measures to curb or arrest any misfeasance or malfeasance. According to the statement made by Anandarajan, Simmers and Igbaria in 2000, these are some positive effects that business organizations could expect from the Internet to enhance the productivity of the organization where it has utilized the internet or the world wide web as their primary tool in completing and performing tasks. Examples of these tasks would be the analyzing, researching of data, the business organization would also have the shorter cycle times, products that would be marketed the costs that are related to the business organization would be reduced. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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