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The main theme of this paper is to discuss the ethical usage of technology in class rooms. The paper also suggests some rules and practices in order to enforce the ethical usage of technology within the school’s boundaries…
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Technology Ethics In the Classroom
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"Technology Ethics In the Classroom"

Download file to see previous pages The imposition of ethics in the classroom however calls for application of certain restrictions. This means that the connectivity to the internet should be restricted and should be available only to authorized users. Recommendations: A double edged sword in the form of two parallel policies is most likely to work for the problem of unethical usage of technology in the classrooms. The forceful impositions of rules and policies have proven effectiveness but the efforts to invoke sense of responsibility works much more effectively. The forceful strategy may comprise of the following, • MAC address based device connectivity. • IP scanning for security breach. • Usage of appropriate UTM (Unified Threat Management) systems. • A class based forum like connectivity for discussion with the classmates. • Provision of master console to the teacher/instructor to monitor individual activity like messaging. • Jammers for GPRS or GSM (phone service based) connectivity. Some schools distribute written material on responsible computing before granting permission to students to access the school’s network services. Children are often asked to pass an online quiz in order to prove that they have learnt and understood the basic criteria at which they are authorized the usage of technological devices. This is one basic effort that can be done in order to make the students responsible for any actions that they would commit otherwise. The role of school counselors is very important for the ethical brought up of students. This role is not restricted to the ethics of class rooms only. The parents of the students must also be counseled for a collaborative effort. A quick course in ethics would not be...
This paper approves that technology has both pros and cons associated with it. Most of the schools attempting to incorporate the use of technology within them seem to overlook the cons that are accompanied with it. It is because of this very reason that they don’t seem to have any plans, in order to curb the side effects of the effort that is being incorporated for the embedding of technology in them.
The role of technology in the enhancement of learning is beyond any doubt, but just as the steering of a car cannot be handed over to would be drivers before they get their license, similarly the juveniles cannot be left with technologically advanced equipment without any checks or restrictions.
This report makes a conclusion that among all the technological provisions connectivity to the internet is of utmost importance. The ethical and responsible usage of this technology is extremely necessary for everyone. The importance of internet in learning is beyond any doubts and its availability in educational institutions is essential. However students need to be counseled morally so that they may employ this facility in a responsible manner. Along with the forceful checks and impositions the school counselors must also counsel the students. They should, not only guide the students towards the beneficial usage of technology but they should counsel the parents as well. This may produce a long lasting sense of responsibility in adolescents as compared to the timely effect inculcated via restrictions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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