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Ethics in E-mail Communication and Internet - Article Example

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This article describes the role of ethics in E-mail communication and the Internet. This paper outlines the excellence of E-mail upon other types of communication, ethical code for E-mail communication, the ethical issues of privacy in the information age, rules and regulations regarding emails and the importance of safety. …
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Ethics in E-mail Communication and Internet
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Extract of sample "Ethics in E-mail Communication and Internet"

Download file to see previous pages It is not necessary to use only ASCII text but non-text files, such as visual images with or without sound files, scanned photographs, also can be sent through emails as attachments in binary streams (TechTarget, 2007; Charity Days, N.D.). If we take into consideration all the internet activities, it can be noted that a large proportion of the total traffic over the Internet is e-mail.
Today, it is the most common and popular mode of communication among the public, private and government organizations. If we look at the global growth of electronic mails, it can be said that there continues to be a spectacular global growth of electronic mail both in terms of messages communicated and people using such facilities. In fact today there are people who unless they have e-mail facilities and knowledge to use the internet don’t get jobs. Emails are much like many other forms of communication like phone calls, business letters, face to face conversations, and memos. The main advantage with emails is that it requires no face-to-face interaction, no voice-to-voice and no formal structures that exist for letters is required for interaction.
When compared to usual postal mail, e-mail offers speed of delivery, permanent storage, and easy replication. Since email is electronic mail, the fact remains that email is recorded and saved, and they can be replicated legally or illegally. In any situation, whether it is business, job or personal life, ethics can only help us to succeed. It involves mutual understanding to live and work together. It is also a method to predict the behavior of people, businesses, government and organizations (Woodbury, 1998).
Unfortunately, quick and tough rules that make email communication safe and easy do not exist. For instance, if private comments get passed on to unintended recipients like the manager of an institution it may even be a threat to once job. And imagine a if the personal life notes especially to friends, family member, or forwarded jokes, and comments are received during the work time, and if it occurs when the receiver of the message is under the supervision of a manager or higher authorities it could be very embarrassing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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