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Leadership development - Essay Example

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The major weaknesses of this study are concentrated on the developing a personal model and theory as regards to effective leadership. Researcher’s personal theory of effective leadership gives high regard to the development of relationships between the leaders and the members…
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Leadership development
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Download file to see previous pages In this paper Leader’s Self-Insight 1.1 reveals the five different multiple intelligences that one must possess in order to ensure effective learning. From the results obtained from the same, the researcher was able to find out that he possesses all of the said intelligences, thereby increasing his capability for personal growth and development. Leader’s self-insight 1.2, on the other hand, looks into potential leadership qualities as compared vis-à-vis with management qualities. In this assessment, the author discovered that he is inclined more towards leadership than management. Lastly, in Leadership’s Self-Insight 1.3, the author discovered that he is not in a fast track to nowhere as he possesses all the necessary people skills.          The assessment in Leader’s Self-Insight 2.1 reveals researcher’s high level of self-confidence whereas in Leader’s Self-Insight 2.2, it was shown that his leadership orientation is geared towards initiation. Leader’s Self-Insight 4.2 on the other hand shows that his locus of control is internal which shows that he is a master of fate and not other external factors. Thus, the researcher tends to make decisions based on what he feels, without taking into consideration the people around him. Based on the Jung’s Typology/Myers-Briggs questionnaire, the author is also an extrovert. Leadership Self-Insight 3.1 shows that as a leader, he tends to be more oriented towards the accomplishment of tasks rather than to the people under his control. In the same manner, based on Leadership Self-Insight 3.2, my readiness is at the highest level which means that I must take into consideration the readiness and preparedness of the members of my staff. Leader’s Self-Insight 2.3., on the other hand, which focuses on LMX relationship shows that I have not developed a good relationship with my followers as their leader. As mentioned earlier, I tend to give paramount importance to the accomplishment of tasks rather than to the people. I also have good team leadership skills, thereby showing my exceptional ability to handle team conflict. In addition, I can say that I am a transformational leader, with the charisma needed to ensure that my team members are working towards the accomplishment of the goal. I am also a servant leader, with high listening skills as well as ensuring that my followers receive the appropriate feedback. Based on the abovementioned discussion as well as my description of five leader’s self-insight, I learned that I possess all the qualities of a good leader. Because of my possession of the same, I also know that I have the ability to effectively lead the members of my staff and team. In addition, I also discovered that I have also developed a good relationship with my followers, thereby ensuring that my leadership is more effective. These findings will definitely affect my personal development plan. Without a doubt, I will use the said findings in furtherance of my leadership agenda. I will continue to build my strengths in order to become a good leader as well as to guarantee good followership among the members of my team. Section 2. vLeader Simulation of Leadership Styles See Appendix 3 for VLeader Reflections Section 3. Personal Mission Statement for Leadership Development My Mission It is my mission to effectively lead my team through the continuous development of the skills that I possess and continuously improving myself so that I could faithfully adhere to the principles of effective leadership, to lead the members of my staff in the achievement of our goals, to ensure the continuous accomplishment of tasks while nevertheless giving paramount consideration to the well-being of my followers. It is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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