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What should be the future of 'diversity-management' - Essay Example

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The importance of diversity management is an integrative part of modern management. Global tendencies in the world lead to overall balancing of various people. Successful cooperation of people with diverse cultural and religious background, from different societies should be mediated by managers. …
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What should be the future of diversity-management
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Extract of sample "What should be the future of 'diversity-management'"

Download file to see previous pages The importance of diversity management is an integrative part of modern management. Global tendencies in the world lead to overall balancing of various people. Successful cooperation of people with diverse cultural and religious background, from different societies should be mediated by managers. Unfortunately, there is an efficient gap between theoretical and practical approaches to diverse management. Propagation of human freedom and equality of human rights and processes of democratization is not always followed by managers. There is a lack of professional knowledge about diverse management. Therefore it is relevant to develop theoretical and practical bases of diverse management in the future. “Culture is the totality of values, beliefs, and behaviors common to a large group of people. A culture may include shared language and folklore, communication styles, and ideas and thinking patterns—the “truths” accepted by members of the group. Members of a culture have similar expectations of life” (Cross, p. 48). People are different and they tend to interpret any behavior through the prism of their own values. Literature review Currently, the influence of diverse management on relations inside the organizations is vividly discussed. Thus, in the article by Dameron and Joffre “The good and the bad: the impact of diversity management on co-operative relationships” (2007) practical aspect of diversity management is discussed. There is given a dualistic approach to the discussion about cultural diversity at the workplace. There are two kinds of co-operation: “community based co-operation”, caused by human necessity to belong, and “complementary co-operation” (Dameron and Joffre, 2007). Strategic development of human resources is created in terms of diverse management. The authors of the articles claim that individual’s development happens in terms of diverse management. It is important to discuss the influence of diverse management on the development of an individual employee and then on the human resources of the company. Thus, diverse management is a perfect background for interaction of employees in the business world among them and with their employers (Burke and Cooper, 2005). A separation of diversity management from the issue of diversity in the world is a modern tendency. What is the reason for this separation and what is the perspective of further development of this field? Every organization pays a great attention to the development of diversity management and it can be said that every organization follows national tendencies of culture development. In case of future development of diversity management, organizations and companies will benefit from cooperation with foreign partners in the international arena. Currently, there is even a greater progress in the field of diversity management. Diversity management is a motive force of modern businesses. In case an organization is successful, it operates in the international arena. Moreover, it is a common tendency in many organizations to hire employees and managers from different nations. From the article considered above, cultural diversity is titled as “a zone of uncertainty from which one can profit” (Dameron and Joffre). This concept was borrowed from Crozier and Friedberg (1977). These authors considered cultural diversity to be a ‘goal-oriented collective action’ (Crozier and Friedberg, 1977). Thus, Crozier and Friedberg (1977) considered cultural diversity in relation to a certain organization, but currently this concept is considered from a broader perspective. Other authors who discuss diversity management, are Ronald J. Burke and Cary L. Cooper in the book “Reinventing Human Resources Management: Challenges and New Directions” (2005). These authors underline the importance of a shift of consideration about diversity management from an organizational context to a more global context. Dameron and Joffre underline that diverse management ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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