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Formal organizations - Research Paper Example

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Microsoft companies can be grouped as a utilitarian formal organization. In a utilitarian organization, the members of the organization are mainly brought together as a way of earning a living. The organization is formal due to its high institutional context…
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Formal organizations
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Extract of sample "Formal organizations"

Download file to see previous pages Microsoft Company has various divisions depending on the functional aspects and the products produced at the divisions. At the head of the hierarchy are the two parallel but complementary positions; there is the CEO who is concerned with product development, sales and marketing, operations, administration, consulting and support, as well as financial management. The Chairman and Chief Software Architect is charged with the responsibility of developing the technical strategy in order to help in planning for the future operations of the organization. The discussion shall be concentrated on the business solutions under business divisions.
c. Connection to a specific social institution
Microsoft companies have a connection to several social institutions. It particularly has an important relation to the economic growth and development in a given society. The company is a developer and distributor of a variety of computer software and employs tens of thousands of professionals worldwide. The software developed by the company is useful in small businesses and the large enterprises as well. This helps in promoting the business operations hence encouraging economic growth. d. Connection to one or more ‘essential tasks’ of the social institutions Just like any other institution, Microsoft Company has an elaborate system for hiring employees and replacing the old employees who have left or died. We have also seen cases where a top serving officer in the organization resigns from his position and establishes a strategic senior position to help manage the organization. This was seen when the former Chief Executive Officer, Billy Gates, surrendered the position to be the Chairman and Chief Software Architect of the company. Another essential task performed by social institutions is producing, distributing, and consuming goods and services. In deed, Microsoft is the leading world producer of computer packages that are applicable in many sectors of the economy. 2. Using micro sociology a. Routine day to-day interaction patterns in the organization The day-to-day interactions are not very common at the organization at the lower level. The employees are often charged with individual responsibility under certain rules and regulations. The nature of the tasks that require consistent inventive and innovative abilities call for limited interactions. b. How concepts ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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