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Development professionals - The BCG Way - Case Study Example

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The process of career development and mentorship processes that are followed in the organisational structure of BCG are innovative and modern.In this part of the case study analysis,the evaluation of the career development and mentorship program will be taken up with due consideration to the processes’ strengths and weaknesses…
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Development professionals - The BCG Way
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Extract of sample "Development professionals - The BCG Way"

Download file to see previous pages The process of career development and mentorship processes that are followed in the organisational structure of BCG are innovative and modern.In this part of the case study analysis,the evaluation of the career development and mentorship program will be taken up with due consideration to the processes’ strengths and weaknesses. Strengths of the Career Development and Mentorship Process The promotion system at the BCG’s career development process is not based on a specific tenure but on the basis of a “time window”. It represents that the employees at BCG gets promoted only when they achieve sufficient amount of knowledge and skill in a particular area of operation. The employees pass through a continuous feedback and consulting session with their respective assigned Career Development Committee (CDC) advisors. The advisors become the mentors of the employees and the employees derive sufficient amount of help from them. As the ratings are done on the basis of various working areas of the employees, there exists an opportunity of improvement in all the operating areas. This is because the employees will continuously try to improve all the working areas for better appreciation. The employees get a chance of excelling in the areas of their choice as they are provided with the option to approach their mentors to get them know their areas of interests. This allows the employees to create interesting mode in their jobs. This is known as the staffing pattern where the scope of becoming a generalist or specialist lies for the employees.
Moreover, continuous training process for the newly recruited employees is followed in the BCG that provides a basis for the employees to develop in their skills and socializing nature, create network and expand the sense of BCG as an organization. Besides the assignment of CDC advisors to the employees, mentors are also assigned. The interaction sessions with the mentors are more formal than that with the CDC advisors. Weaknesses of the Career Development and Mentorship Process The promotional process that BCG follows may at times create certain feelings of frustrations among the employees. The frustration can come up due to the pressure of performing the best with no room for failures, as failures might lead to their termination. The BCG employers somewhat try to evaluate their employees’ performance strictly, to ensure that the performance is constantly improving. This is most likely to head a chance of non-believing in the performance feedback system of the company. In the case of staffing, the employees have to be proactive in building their skills as they have to show evidence that they are good at the particular area where they are urged to move. For being proactive, the actual levels of performance might get hampered. Provision of formal training might not always produce fruitful results as the BCG itself believes that “experience is the best teacher”. At times, it might appear that the time allotted for the formal training has resulted in wastage of time, resources and energy with limited facts. Informal mentorship process might not provide appropriate results as too much of advises around the employees can make him/her confused. Moreover, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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