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Reflection and critical evaluation of performance, progress and learning - Essay Example

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Reflection and Critical Evaluation of Performance, Progress And Learning Institution Contents Page 1. Part 1 Securing work experience 2 My Performance on the job 2-4 My Interpersonal skills 5-7 Leadership/Management in my place of work 7-8 2…
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Reflection and critical evaluation of performance, progress and learning
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Download file to see previous pages There was a 25 day placement for the ‘WBL’ module and I used various methods to find a placement. I ended up looking at ‘The Sheffield Star’. I was lucky to find a job at ‘Matalan’. I attached my curriculum vitae in the form that I downloaded from the website of the company. After filling the form, I left it in the store. I was able to receive calls informing to come for an interview. I had been waiting anxiously hoping for the best. In one week time, I was able to receive a letter informing that I had successfully passed the interview and I was suppose to report after one week. My Performance on the job We are able to look back and learn through the practice and experience we have undergone mainly through reflective practice as confirmed by (Hartog, 2004: 2). My ‘Motivators’ were; the work itself, responsibilities, money, the star board in the staff room and my planned holiday. However Gearge (1996: 75) argues “Money is a temporary motivator”. ...
I was able to build a network with my colleagues strengthening the ties between us. I was encouraged by the network theory as expressed by Granovetter (1970). My colleagues were really impressed by the way I performed my activities making them to be close to me most of the time. I had a sense of belonging from the colleagues that encouraged me to effectively communicate with my colleagues (Hartog, 2004). Through effective communication I was able to know all employees that were in my in my department with their names. This enabled the job to be done effectively. The hygiene factors are necessary for the success of any job. This is due to the fact that every job requires workers who are healthy (Herzberg, 1959). I could not be able to work well if the health conditions were not of good quality. My performance at work was mainly encouraged by the presence of the salary. I knew it very well in my mid that without salary I could not work to my best. One thing that demotivated was the work conditions. The workstation that I had been assigned was small as compared to the ones of my colleagues. In every organization, supervision of the workers is necessary to improve the quality of work performance. This will enable the organization to be successful (Hartog, 2004). However, I didn’t have supervision and this affected my performance since I became reluctant. Due to the fact that there was no supervision, the understanding of the basic needs was not satisfied substantially as stated by theory of Maslow since I could not move up his hierarchy Maslow’s (1954). On the second week and particularly on day 14 I did not get any motivation. I knew that being ethical was the only motivation towards ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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