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Management and research methods - Essay Example

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Management and Research Methods Institution Name Management and Research Methods Introduction This paper attempts to develop a research question and its attendant research questionnaire. It is notable that the course provides students with the opportunity to expand skills in research, particularly in the areas of business and education…
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Management and research methods
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Download file to see previous pages It is notable that the assignment requires students to practice flexibility through developing the research questions from any topic. With this flexibility, the researcher seeks to develop research questions for gaining marketplace intelligence and its ability to accept a new product. The researcher in this study chooses to work on behalf of a new company, XYZ manufacturing men’s shaving products. By the nature of their development, the after-shave products were made to target the youthful generation of men aged 18 – 35 years. Particularly, the research seeks to understand whether the marketplace is already aware of the company’s main after - shave product known as Inclined for Men. The research will seek to understand whether the market is ready for such a remarkable new product. The designed questionnaires shall appear in a table format and seek to justify the reasons for the selection of the questions, and the objectives. Questionnaire Development Research Objectives I. To understand the percentage of youthful men aged 18 – 35 years who use after shave products. II. To know the level to which the marketplace is already aware of Inclined for Men product. III. To know the particular reasons why the clients buy the product IV. To know the target population source of information regarding the after – shave products. V. ...
IV. What are the sources where the target population access their information on hair care products? V. What is the entertainment life style for the targeted population? Design of a Relevant Questionnaire The questionnaire designed to capture these research questions and help generate feedback to realize the objectives uses both open and closed end questions. It is designed to be easy for those administering it to follow and even for self-administration by the research participants. The questionnaire contains all the relevant information that will lead to meeting the research process. Reasons for Choosing the Questions in the Questionnaire It is notable that this study seeks to understand the marketplace intelligence for the Inclined for Men after – shave product. In order to accomplish the study the questions that are asked must generate appropriate information required by the researcher. The questions are intelligently chosen to ensure that they are relevant. Furthermore, it is hoped that they will lead to the realization of the needed information. The reasons for choosing the questions in the questionnaire are discussed as follows. The first question seeks to establish the age of the respondent before they start answering the subsequent questions. This is important because the research targets young men aged 18 – 35 years. Literature also supports this approach that researchers must understand the age of the respondent before they go to the details of answering other information (Van, 2007; pg. 45). The reason for choosing this question is to ensure that the individual’s description matches the requirements of the target population. It has the option of ending the process in a case where the respondent’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Management and Research Methods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words)
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