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Cultural Differences and People Management Reflective Journal Description In this journal I’m going to reflect on cultural differences and their effects on people management. Reference is made to cultural differences developed in various areas, but emphasis is given on the role of cultural differences in the workplace…
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Cultural Differences and People Management Reflective Journal
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Download file to see previous pages Personally, I had experienced events where cultural differences resulted to conflicts and miscommunication. However, I haven’t understood that cultural differences have the power to intervene at such level in the social and economic life of individuals. Although I feel rather disappointed from the increased power of cultural differences in all areas, I think that hopes can exist for the effective control of crises related to cultural differences. At the same time, I feel that the current effects of cultural differences on the professional and personal life of people could be controlled not just by developing relevant initiatives locally, i.e. in regard to each particular case, but rather through supporting the introduction of relevant legislation. Existing laws seem to be opposed to cultural differences but a closer review of their content would lead to the assumption that the enforcement of these laws can take long while the resources necessary may be difficult to be retrieved. In addition to the above, the review I made in regard to the specific subject has led me to the following assumption: cultural differences can affect a high range of activities but their existence is not always clear. It is possible for certain organizational or personal problems to be related to other elements of social environment and not to cultural differences. The close examination of these problems can reveal that the role of cultural differences in the appearance and the expansion of these problems can be critical. Evaluation Based on my personal experiences in regard to cultural differences I had the impression that cultural differences can lose their power to affect the personal and economic life of a person if they are treated appropriately with no delay. In other words, I thought that the immediate response to the problems caused by cultural differences would lead to the quick resolution of these problems, prohibiting the expansion of the phenomenon to other areas. However, this assumption was not verified in practice. Despite the progress made in regard to the introduction of laws for securing equality and fairness in the workplace and in the context of the family, still cultural differences are quite powerful in influencing the personal and economic life of people of different background. On the other hand, due to the extension of the phenomenon, theorists and researchers had asked to state their view in regard to the current role of cultural differences and to the their expected influences in the future. The intervention of theorists in the exploration of the particular problem can be characterized as quite important, giving the chance for a thorough review of this theme’s aspects and for the identification of methodologies for facing the theme’s challenges. Indeed, it has been proved that through the decades a series of studies has been developed for explaining the reasons and the implications of cultural differences. At the same time, suggestions have been made for facing the effects of the phenomenon no matter the local social ethics and culture. Two have been the key findings of the research developed in this field: a) the intervention of cultural differences in political and economic decisions is unavoidable, b) the level at which this intervention can be expanded is depended on the willingness of the people living and acting in the social setting involved for respecting ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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