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Building Information Modelling - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "Building Information Modelling" casts light on the technological development in management. According to the text, application of technology in information has particularly been significant in different modes of communication…
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Building Information Modelling
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Extract of sample "Building Information Modelling"

Download file to see previous pages This development has particularly been important in the engineering field in which some stakeholders develop models and different stakeholders who interpret the developed models simulate their properties undertake the constructions for achieving reality. Ensuring ease and success of such simulations has further prompted the need for standardization in modeling and communication of developed models in engineering. Of particular interest to the scope of application of information technology in engineering and modeling is the concept of Building Information Modelling that defines establishment and management of digital models of physical and operational features of a facility. The concept has been approved for its advantages and is being advocated for among government contractors. It has at the same time, though increasingly being adopted by many players, raised mixed reactions over its effectiveness and effects on business and clients. I, in this paper, explore the statement that ‘the introduction of Building Information Modelling (BIM) into the construction industry has the potential to change or influence the way project managers work in the future.’ In exploring this statement, I identify the significance of IBM to project managers’ approach to work. ...
The different role is attributable to the project manager and the roles vary with different stages of a project and different scopes that a project may adopt. One of the identifiable roles of the project manager is the development of project proposals. This may be achieved together with other stakeholders to a project such as a project’s principal. This role includes the development of a project’s scope and determination of economic necessities for implementing the project and facilitates an understanding of the project. The project manager also plays a significant role in initiating a project, a role in which the manager identifies necessary personnel, ensures availability of the personnel, and mobilizes them towards implementing the subject project. The role also includes identification of necessary skills for the project, goals to be achieved in the project, and interests and motivational factors of the member of the project team (Hopper 2012, p. 18). In cases where project goals are developed by other parties and communicated to the project team, the project manager approves the objectives before they can be incorporated and communicated to the team. Placing an order for required resources in a project also forms part of a project manager’s role (Acs, p. 1). Other roles of the project manager include evaluation of potential risks to a project and establishment of control measures against identified risks and establishing minimum operating costs and making sure that operations adhere to the stipulated costs. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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zmarvin added comment 1 year ago
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At first, I thought 10 of pages is too much for such a topic. But now I see it could not be done smarter. As the author starts you see the complexity of the issue. I’ve read all at once. Wonderful document

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