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Building Information Modelling in Engineering - Term Paper Example

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This paper "Building Information Modelling in Engineering" presents building information modeling as collaborative working done through the utilization of digital technologies that unlock effective methods of creating, designing and maintenance of assets…
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Building Information Modelling in Engineering
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Extract of sample "Building Information Modelling in Engineering"

Download file to see previous pages The processes associated with building information modeling (BMI) are linked to infrastructure and new buildings and have extended potential in refurbishment and retrofit projects especially when rapid energy analysis and laser scanning are employed. The technology associated with BMI is considered an association between the software industry and construction sectors with an aim at developing an environment for synergies and opportunities.

Building information modeling aids in managing and generating data during the construction life cycle. The approach utilizes real time, three dimensional and dynamic building modeling software to increase construction and building design productivity. The process has given rise to BMI (Building information model) which encompasses spatial relationships, building geometry, geographic information, properties and quantities of building components. Building information modeling has various benefits such as improved visualization, reduced costs, increased productivity as a result of easy access to information, and improved delivery speed, improved coordination of documents associated with construction and linking and embedding of vital information for instance location of details, vendors of specific materials and quantities required for tendering and estimation (Crotty, 2012).

Building information modeling extends beyond the computer-assisted design and software since it involves designing and shaping. It is an architectural process that entails construction and virtual design and connects and integrates information by utilization of technology. BMI software such as Revit, Tekla, and Microstation allows construction of a three-dimensional model by the design team. The virtual approach integrates structural, electrical, mechanical and architectural. The process applies to interior fit out, master planning, infrastructure projects, and building architecture. During the phase of construction, building information models assist contractors as it gives them a virtual project copy to be used as a reference. It can also aid in site examination without visiting the site. It helps them in phase coordination during construction by assigning the model components to a timeline.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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