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Today much effort is put all over the world in achieving sustainable development in the construction industry with the cardinal aim of reducing the consumption of energy in both of the construction stage and in the management of the buildings. This reduces or limits…
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Sustainable engineering
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Download file to see previous pages employed schemes are the building research establishment environmental assessment method(BREEAM) and leadership in energy and environmental design(LEED). BREEAM was officially launched by the building research establishment(BRE) and consequently adopted by the United Kingdom as one of its systems. LEED was by us institution United States green building council (USGBC) and officially accepted as the benchmark for green building practices. All these two schemes are based on effective system for collecting credits that are used for a wide of building, both the existing buildings and the new buildings.
These systems cover a wide range of issues that include energy, pollution, building site, water indoor environmental quality and materials one of the most important in both the two schemes that is the key sustainable development is energy consumption expressed in another language as resulting to carbon emissions from the buildings. It is therefore clear that robust building environmental assessment schemes will possibly play a very critical role in assessing the building energy performance. According to Lee and Bumet(2008) it is important to understand this schemes interms of their scopes, performance criteria, credit scales and methodologies. Lee et al conducted a comparison of the baseline buildings, their performance criteria, credit scales and their simulative tools between a number of schemes while Asdrubali et al (2008) undertook a comparative study of energy regulations in Spain and Italy based on a semi-detached house. In this study more emphasis is put on the assessment of energy performance of new building within the BREEAM and LEED.
For easy assessment of the energy performance of buildings and effective calculation of the corresponding energy rating in BREEAM and LEED schemes, a computational simulation was applied. Even though there are many energy simulation software that are available in the market, there is need to choose the one that suits the aim of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sustainable Engineering Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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