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Chapter 6: What strategic plans could the college or university at which you are taking this management course adopt to compete for students in the marketplace? Would these plans depend on the school’s goals? One of the realities of the modern university system is the need to be competitive with other universities, colleges, and technical schools in order to attract quality students (customers)…
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Download file to see previous pages As such, the shareholders within the university system can bolster the extent to which they can engage with prospective students by applying management concepts to the way in which a defined and effective strategy can be engaged. For instance, when a strategy is put together by a group of shareholders who are not in constant communication with one another and are aware of the ultimate goal that is to be effected, a type of non specific result that does not maximize potential is almost guaranteed. However, when shareholders are brought together and the goals are clearly defined and elaborated, a type of group collaboration between all of the elements seeking to increase student attraction within the university is greatly enhanced. For this reason, understanding management concepts and the means by which collective work can be accomplished under the guiding rubric of effective management can expressly enhance the rate and effectiveness of key business level decisions. How do you think planning in today’s organizations compares to planning 25 years ago? Do you think planning become s more important or less important in a world where everything is changing fast and crises are a regular part of organization life ? Why? With regards to 25 years ago, planning has become much more integrated into the business process. For instance, 25 years ago, the rate of change that a given organization or business might experience was somewhat limited. Due to this fact, the need to expert planning was necessarily reduced as a result of the relatively slower pace that external change was exhibited within the operational environment. With regards to the importance of planning now as compared to previously, it is the strong belief of this author that the need for planning has become even stronger in a world where sudden and unexpected change can rapidly redefine the operational environment. The main reason for this is due to the fact that only through planning can the firm or entity hope to gain a competitive advantage and seek to anticipate some of the changes that might be upcoming in the very near future. Though one might be tempted to believe that since change is so rapid and unexpected within the current model that planning is non necessitated, the fact of the matter is that the rapid level of change implores the entity or organization to take an even more aggressive approach to planning than an environment in which change occurs slowly and gradually. For this reason, integrating an appropriate level of planning at each and every level of an organization is a primary function that can help to determine whether or not the entity will be able to survive the changes that it must integrate with. Chapter 8: Analyze three decisions you made over the past six months. Which of these were programmed and which were nonprogrammer? Which model- the classical, administrative, or political- best describes the approach you took to make each decision? The three decisions that have been chosen for analysis within the context of this particular question are as follows: locating and renting an apartment, deciding upon what course selection would maximize efficiency, and considering picking up a minor field of study while in university. As such, all of these decisions which will be analyzed represent non-programmed choices ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...Education Introduction Education is credited as one of the means of bringing about change in society. However,there is a growing concern that there is an inherent breakdown in education system that has led to its classification as a social problem. This has become evident in its functionality as a mechanism for maintaining inequality for some and privilege for others on the basis of race, class and sex/gender. Evidently, there are several education institutions and these include charter schools, private schools, homeschooling and public schools. Specifically, there is a general consensus that public schools is the most affected institution in terms of inequalities. The...
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...?Benefits of an Online Education With the proliferance of a multitude of applications arising from the World Wide Web, online education does not lag behind. Most global universities have opened options for online or distance learning that accorded both teachers and students the privilege of pursuing higher education despite disparities in locations and time. From the most obvious benefits that include flexibility, convenience, cost considerations and academic support, one would delve and expound on the advantages of providing support and convenience as the most relevant. Students select one university over other options in terms of location and convenience. Online education is the...
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...? Education Education takes many forms in society, and it does not necessarily mean that must be based in a school. Education is aformal term used to describe the process of learning that goes on in schools all over the world thus; it would suffice to say that the most critical component of education is learning. Learning takes many forms, and it is determined by the aims and goals that necessitate learning. Education does not have a definite timeline because learning is a progressive process that starts at the beginning of life to its end. Education can be achieved through teaching which involves being introduced to theories about things work and practical lessons where an individual gets the hands on experience. In ancient times, learning... was...
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...English Literature ic and Modern) Education Education refers to wealth of knowledge, which is obtained from learning a given subject or undergoing an experience in life through lessons in order to foster relevant understanding of the subject. Education has been obtained from in a common form through attending learning institutions; in fact, these institutions offer chances for people to study different subjects, while on the other hand, education is also referred to as a process of introducing enviable change in people’s lives. Besides, knowledge is imparted or acquired through the process of studying. In this case, its manifestation is changes of behaviors after the as a direct...
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...“How much of education is sufficient”? This is the question I find asking myself whenever I travel and see a flier or a billboard giving special and “juicy” details about a school. But basically does the school comprise the logo, the teachers and the infrastructure? Does this demonstrate the level and amount of education one can get after attending their classes? What about the education perceived to be gotten from the school, how does it relate to the society? To any layman out there education can mean anything from an organization where someone or some people assemble and they are shown how to write, read and more specifically to think in a controlled stimulus. To me...
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...Education The two article analyze fundamental factors that affect the quality of education in the country. As the population of the country increases so does the demand for education. This implies that the educational facilities in the country must increase both their capacities and quality in order to meet the growing demand. The articles therefore inhibit myriad similarities as they analyze the features of the current education system thereby providing suggestions in solving some of the perceived problems “the numerous stakeholders in the education sector must therefore carry out effective changes that will ensure that the...
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...Negative effects of making school environment more likeable in Saudi Arabia Recently, there have been many efforts by the ministry of education and the parents to improve the education system in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia being the cornerstone of the gulf region cannot be overlooked on international economics and politics, yet the educational system had been largely ignored there before. It is a reason that has led to the ministry jointly supported by the parents to make changes in the education system to make it more likeable in the effort to boost student’s morale in schools. Learning in more friendly school environments will enable students to be in a more interactive and more...
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...Status of American Education Is the American economic future in jeopardy? This is the question that this nation may be battling to answer bearing in mind the situation with the contemporary higher education sector in America. According to the film, “Two Million Minutes”, as directed by Chad Heeter, the future is uncertain for America. This is especially when considering how the present teen generations are taking education as compared to other regions that include India and China. The main theme in this film is that the American education system needs to catch up with the practices that students in other parts of the world are exhibiting. Therefore, the American economy might find...
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...Education in America America is a society; hence everything in the social setup is stratified, including education. The quality of education differs with the type of social life of the students, their parents, and their teachers, “schools in wealthy communities are better than those in poor communities, or that they prepare their students for more desirable jobs…” (Colombo, Robert, & Bonnie 176). The statement justifies that social class in the United States is one of the major determinants of the quality of education. This paper discusses education in America based on learner experiences. The author uses the social class designation of schools to emphasize the...
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