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Critical Review - Article Example

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Accounting management systems and technology in helping educational organisations in budgeting Name: Course: Unit: Date: Introduction The conversation with relation to budgeting in higher education has taken a turn. What had been for most a discussion of how few resources are and how that might impact higher education has rapidly transformed into urgent planning with what is adequately available, managing it in an accountable and transparent manner…
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Critical Article Review
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Download file to see previous pages It is essential therefore for a financially responsible college or university to have a balanced budget within which expenditures remain contained in the available revenues available. A significant reduction in the available net assets of such an institution thus becomes a cause of concern and might signify financial instability. This paper summarizes the ideas expressed in an article done by Dr. Houston Davis. It focuses majorly on higher education, accounting and how technology has affected budgeting in these institutions. Biography of the author Dr. Houston Davis, a native of Clarksville was recently named as the university system of Georgia’s new chief academic officer and executive vice chancellor. Over the years Dr. Houston has been identified for his valuable experience combined with his fine ability in providing leadership in pertinence to the system’s core academic mission purposing to create a twenty first century educational model. He holds a PhD from Vanderbilt University, Nashville; a Master’s in education from Tennessee state university and a bachelor’s in political science from the University of Memphis. He is and has been continuously involved in writing and research projects in areas of governance, higher education access, accountability and fund management in higher education and economic development. He serves on several national and regional advisory groups in higher education policies academic preparation, accountability and degree completion. Dr. Houston Davis has served in the educational sector for quite some time. In (2001-2005) he worked in the field of academic leadership for Austin Peay State University in Clarksville. In addition to these professional duties he served in the role of director for the National Educational Needs Index between 2004 and 2011. This initiative was aimed at measuring educational, social, economic and intense population pressure among the 50 states which affect policy and planning in national, regional and local levels. Following this until 2007, he worked in the same field serving as associate vice chancellor for Academic affairs for the Tennessee Board of Regents. He had also worked previously worked in the Tennessee higher education commission in the areas of fiscal and academic affairs between 1997 and 2001. It is recorded that he worked as a regional student recruitment and advancement representative in the University of Memphis. (1995-1997) Summary of the article Accounting With reference to a 1996-1997 data from the national center for education statistics, net revenues in public institutions have their source in four main channels; tuition and fees (19%), state funds (36%), sales and services (22%) and federal funds (11%). Private institutions on the other hand receive their revenues from the same categories though in different degrees; tuition and fees (43%). State funds (2%), sales and services (21%) and federal funds (14%). Although a significant amount does come from the government in public institutions, both the public and private sector have increased their reliance upon revenues from tuition and fees for their improvement funding (National Center for Education Statistics, 2000). With expenditures majorly being ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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